What do discounts mean to a Bride?

imagesBudget is very important when it comes to wedding planning, and unfortunately it entails strain on deciding where you can save or splurge. The word “discount” is really enticing to us because it’s simple to find out who offers promotions when you decide to add yourself to those torturous email threads. Go to one showcase, you will have emails for LIFE! (Hint: create a wedding email (separate from your personal account), and let them pile up in there. With everything on your mind, you cannot review emails from various vendors all at one time, you will literally drive yourself mad.

Here’s what we know about our Brides: This is probably the first time most of you, as newly engaged couples have come across pricing. What it costs to have your average wedding these days is CRAY! Yes, you may know that your sister, cousin, or friend went through it all before you, but when it comes to YOU, it’s different. This is why you are planning a wedding, and why would you do everything that someone you know did? Every wedding should be personalized to be exactly what you want.

So, what do discounts mean to a Bride?

Quite frankly, NOTHING! If the bride has no clue what pricing for services cost in general, and nothing to compare it to, how could she tell that the discount is actually a “savings”?

A discount under $500 could mean various things when it comes to Entertainment services. Here’s a list of what could be for FREE under this price point: Cocktail Hour Music, Ceremony Music (on or off site of your venue), Monogram/GOBO, 1 Live Musician (depending on instrument), 1-2 extra hours of music, or a picture montage.

It’s important to know that there is always a starting rate to reserve your DJ & Emcee, and many of the “most discounted” services above are added to the starting rate by client request. It is not safe to assume that every Bride and Groom would like all of these services clumped together in one package (even if a discount is being offered), there needs to be a way to distinguish where the savings is being applied. Is it discounted JUST to reach your desired budget, or ACTUALLY covering an entire service fee? This is not mean’t to feel like a car dealership scenario, but it often can be.

Moreover, packaging entertainment with novelty such as a photo booth is another common way to entice, yet confuse you. It’s in your best interest to stay focused on one vendor at a time, for what that vendor specializes in. The photo booth industry is EXTREMELY competitive, yet the return on the service is not comparable across the board.

Discounts on photo booth novelty to consider can become deal breaking without thorough research. Packages can be based anywhere from 1-4 hours, and by reserving the least amount of hours, you could be getting charged way more than the average 4 hour price. What’s almost always included in these packages is a prop box. There is almost always an additional charge for a scrapbook, or photo frames.

What are you getting for a discount under $500 from a photo booth? A free scrapbook, (a free prop box)-this may or may not be an actual savings, a limit on the amount of photos taken within your reserved time frame, a USB of all your photos, or a small savings on frames to use as your favors.

When it comes to price shopping, don’t jump for the discount unless you know how it fits into your contract. Shop around, compare prices, and see what you have learned from your initial vendor meetings. Ask questions. Always be a Bride in charge.



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