The Tonight Show with Jesse Kohn

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Trying to come up with the perfect theme for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Ever think about hosting your own late night talk show like the Jimmy Fallon  Tonight Show? Probably not, but at AJH Entertainment, we had the honor of attending “The Tonight Show with Jesse Kohn”, and he was in character as his own version of Jimmy all evening.

To start off the show, Jimmy… (I mean Jesse) entered through the infamous blue curtains with a standing ovation. Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah Emcee, Mr. Adam J. also went into character as the shows audience coordinator, prepping all of the Kohn’s guests’ for a live broadcasting, and they were on in 5….4…3…2…1…”Hey Hey Hey Hey…..Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Tonight Show, with your host… Mr. Jesse Kohnnnnnnn!” AJH had the pleasure of entertaining for the Kohn’s for their previous mitzvahs, all of which included our amazing talents, both Emcee Alex and Emcee Freddy.

Then, out of the curtains, comes your guest of honor himself, Jesse, whom came up with his own monologue to begin his very own show. In the midst of the monologue, from out of nowhere…arrives his good friend # the Panda.

In case you don’t know who Hashtag the Panda is, this is him.


photo (16)Soon after, with Jesse’s own desk, and customized NYC view, he recites his candle lighting. He thanked each person, just as Jimmy Fallon presents his Thank You Notes, with the background music to follow each candle. This was not your average candle lighting, because we were live on air the entire time.

Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah took place at High Point Solutions Stadium, at Rutger’s University, where he was live on EVERY screen, even in the bathrooms! As you are washing your hands, you are watching Jesse on the monitors in the mirror! He was even on the giant scoreboard screen!  Jesse and his mom Sue put in a lot of effort to make sure every detail was perfect! AJH Entertainment and Impressions Photo and Video took on event planning roles, where photos and videos of Jesse in his suit and tie were spot on, just like Jimmy Fallon. Video clips included Jesse acting out different monologues, which looped on the screens all night, keeping all of his guests’ entertained.

Other extra entertainment included a custom built “DRINKO” board for cocktail hour, another favorite game that celebrities play with Jimmy on his show. You might have seen this clip recently… photo (14)

Custom centerpieces were done by mom herself, and photo booth variations of step & repeat, and our strolling paparazzi photo booth captured great candids!

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Take a look at Jesse’s AJH Entertainment Recap!


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