While the music is memorable, the show cannot go on without a great Emcee! The AJH Emcees are universal in all event types, they are the leaders of the show, and absolutely love what they do! An emcee from AJH Entertainment is exactly what the term stands for; they are the masters of ceremonies. Experience in public speaking, years of dancing, motivating, and outgoing personalities are what you will find in each of our entertainers. Your Emcee keeps in connection with you until the day of your affair, assuring that your party is just as you discussed from day 1, to day of. We can promise you that all of our Emcees are committed to providing your family with a stellar performance, one that compliments your affair as well as the music being played.


AJH Entertainment started in 1997 as a small hobby/business for entertaining at birthday parties and small family events. Adam was armed with a small karaoke machine, his father’s home stereo system, tapes and CDs. At first Adam was playing music at families’ parties for a small price and loved entertaining and it was just only a step closer to fulfilling his dream – to be a professional young entrepreneur DJ & Entertainer. Adam upgraded over the years and now he is building a solid reputation with his talents in the industry. Adam entertained throughout high school and college, creating a name for himself and making connections throughout the Tri-State area. Adam Emcees, DJs and runs the company. He is a triple threat. Adam enjoys talking and working with each customer personally so their affair is the most spectacular event possible. Adam will get your party motivated and he can move on the dance floor. His love for music and people will make your affair the Party of your Life.

MC Alex Z


Alex Z will rock your party from the start of cocktail hour. He has an unmatched ability to connect with the guest of honor and all of the guests there of all ages. He is able to engage everyone with his charisma, and non-stop energy. Alex has been AJH’s lead male motivators for 8 years and has been on the microphone for 4 years now. Alex is essentially a dancer with a microphone in his hand, so if you are looking for someone to conduct a exciting and entertaining event he is your guy. Alex makes sure to meet with all his clients and discuss all details for your event. He makes sure that if you are a having a Mitzvah, Wedding, or Sweet 16 – you are the star for the celebration!



MC/Dancer Freddy is a true gifted entertainer with 10 years of experience in the professional dance community and the party industry. Starting out as a party motivator for AJH, Freddy has danced and entertained at many parties on the east coast. His dancing ability and Emcee skills allow Freddy to capture any size audience, from adults to kids. Freddy has an extensive knowledge of music through his dance career it allows him to create the perfect play-list with the DJ so the flow of your party is seamless. His high energy from beginning to end goes unnoticed, but he always gives attention to the guest of honor because he feels that he has to create that entertaining environment that everyone will be comfortable with. Freddy strongly believes that with great music, dancing and amazing talent everyone will have a fantastic time. Freddy also is one of our bilingual Emcees he speaks fluent Spanish and could put that special touch on your event.



MC Manny  was born and raised in NJ, he originally went to college to become a surgical technician, but later chose to work with young adults with disabilities, Manny started out as a dancer, but later had a passion for MCing events. Manny spends his weekdays making an impact on the lives of others, where everyday is more rewarding than the next! He brings tons of energy with him to every event and leaves a lasting impression with you and your guests.   Manny has a well versed knowledge of music combined with his versatile and extraordinary MC abilities, which makes him the perfect fit for any event. Manny’s warm personality will be sure to put a smile on your face!



Nickolas Madore is a dynamic MC and energetic performer who will bring your party to life. His love for preforming and interacting with a crowd stems from his previous career, touring the world with the season 3 winner of The Voice, Cassadee Pope.



With his captivating dancing ability and seasoned musicality, Marco’s entertaining prowess and powerful presence has led him to host events all over the world for clients from all walks of life! From the NBA stage, to TV, Broadway, and almost everything in between, Marco’s truly uncanny ability to bring people together has contributed to his rising recognition and popularity. Marco continues to electrify the masses, while making sure that everyone he comes in contact with “Feels Good About Life!”

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From initial consultations to final meetings, “D” is AJH’s Client Care Coordinator & Office Manager. Up until the day of your special event, she will keep you posted on “What’s next?” and “What’s hot?” with AJH Entertainment. Please contact Denise@ajhentertainment.com for any and all entertainment event requests.