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Reviews and ratings of event companies are very helpful tools for a potential customer or client. You would assume that a good standing company would have reviews on their site, however that is not always the case. Frankly, that is often the greatest assumption about this topic.

Many companies actually pay for a service that enables the company to inform their clients about where they can leave a review. This service helps the company create a buzz and boost their rankings. Incentives are provided to companies who are competitive with this testimonial service, and that is why you would see indications of awards on their marketing pieces.
Wedding Wire & The Knot are today’s most popular sites that encourage event companies to partner with them, and develop a stronger social media backing, along with client interaction. If you as the guest of honor have researched for vendors on either of these sites, you would see what companies gain the most search traffic, and what past clients have to say about their experiences.
What made you want to research the company?
You may be researching a specific event company for a different reason than some one else. Besides online testimonials, word of mouth advice, and being a guest of a friends event can tell you all you really need to know. It’s important to know that every event is actually a showcase. That’s why we love to do amazing events, every event! It’s important to research the structure of a vendor’s website to see how client friendly it is, OR, is not. While some websites are very straight forward, others are too busy for the eye.
Why are there reviews for more than just the event type your planning?
To keep an open mind on the services the event companies offers, it’s best to let clients of ALL event types review the vendor. Many event types are seasonal, meaning they don’t occur at any given month out of the year. For example, there are certain months for graduation parties, communions, and Holiday corporate events. A well rounded company will see all event type testimonials as a way to distinguish their diversity among their talent and business. Event industry professionals do not have the average full time 5 day a week profession, and they often prefer to not have that routine. They need to fill in their calendar dates with events that happen all year round.
Does a bad review mean the company stinks?
A review that is negative can mean many things to the client who left it, as well as the event professional. As a potential client reading the horror of this backlash review, you will certainly sense doubt. However, if there was no form of criticism on the companies website, would you feel like it’s too good to be true? There is such a thing of feeling this way.
The irony of the review service is that MOST clients will leave a negative review before they remember to leave a positive one. Once your event has ended, if all has gone well, and your relieved that you can now breath from all that planning, the last thing your thinking about is reviewing your vendor. This is why companies generate automated follow up emails to remind you to take a minute, and leave some words of praise.
As an event professional, you must be able to take criticism, and also offer the client your expertise when it comes to the operation side of event planning. There must be a good standing between you and the client, after all…if a client doesn’t trust a vendor, they will not reserve that vendor. It’s that simple.
12108165_542428309259600_2918741209824396064_nIf you are not feeling confident about what vendor information you come across online, Bride in Charge is just the right event planning tool for you!
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