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1011942_10200338983372873_231508832_nWhether you are a future camper, Bride to be, or looking for a great place to enjoy a corporate event with your company, you must check out Frogbridge. Located in Millstone, NJ, Frogbridge makes the perfect venue for a wedding, campers, and corporate events. As a camper or corporate party guest, you will enjoy delicious eats, “Frogerita” beverages, the pool, mini golf, paddle boating, kayaks, volleyball, basket ball, tennis, and so much more!

If your an employee or owner of a company looking for the best place to “Team Build” with your staff, search no further. Recently, AJH Entertainment hosted a team building event for a local bank. Many employees were meeting one another for the first time on this day, therefore this was a day of “ice-breaking”, and getting to know one another. The one thing everyone had in common was that they all worked for the same company, however in different locations, managing different duties.

The idea of “Team Building” is to get everyone together, and put them in challenging, awkward, and usually comical situation to see how well they accomplish a task. AJH crew comes with a few tricks up their sleeve, along with providing sound and an Emcee to teach these groups a few awesome games…

1. The Human Knot- If for example there is a group of fifty people, you will split the group in half, and each group will form into a circle. The groups will them take steps (directed by the Emcee), closer to one another, and then raise their right or left hand. Then, everyone is to grab a partners hand. Raise the opposite arm, and everyone grab another partners hand. At this point, everyone should be holding hands with someone, no one should have a loose hand. The challenge is to then untangle the knot and get back into to original circle form. Everyone will begin twisting, turning, ducking, crouching, and sometimes lifting one another to detangle the knot. The teams are racing one another to do so. The result? To see how well you can work together by communicating as a whole in completing the task. 1010728_10200338983132867_649141483_n

2. “Zip-Zap-Zup”- This game also takes places in circle form, where ears and eyes are key. No one should be wearing sunglasses while playing the game. By communicating with one another using these terms, you will travel through this game easily, but you must pay attention. Staff will interact across and diagnal using “Zip-Zap-Zup”, and side to side using “Bing and Bong” in order to complete the challenge. There are also instances where you are called upon to play the role of a different animal, which includes three people to accomplish the task. For example, I call you “ostrich”, where you are in the middle of two people, and you must do a whacky move to successfully be the animal you are called.

3. Water Balloon Toss- Everyone in the group will pick a partner and line up across from one another. They will toss a water balloon back and forth until someone breaks one. Every time a balloon breaks,the gap between you and your partner gets wider, and it continues this way until whomever is the last couple playing catch. If your balloon breaks, your out!

4. Paddle Boating & Kayaking- The thing about these water sports is that “it takes two”. You cannot move if you are both not contributing the same amount of effort. Whether your are using your arms or legs, you will be sore after this one!

Liberty MutualCorporate Team Building is a great way to get to know your staff, and while you are most likely getting paid to spend your day in the sun, you might as well enjoy it. Besides, how often do you see the people you work with outside of the office?

Contact AJH for your corporate event, and you will be sure leave with a smile and a bunch of new friends!


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