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AJH events are based solely on building relationships with the Guest of Honor, family, and friends. Our event services are broken down in the form of packages, where we provide our clients with a full understanding of the operational side of Entertainment. Not only is your affair a once in a lifetime event, but it is also a learning experience for all. We can assure our clients that their event planning process is stress- free, and our office team is always available to speak with you.

Our Specialties

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With the right mix of enthusiastic talent and musical styles tailored to appeal to you, and your guests, we create memorable entertainment. Each event is produced with the utmost care, quality, and experience that make us the most recognized name in DJ entertainment. As you plan your special day, remember that entertainment is one of the most important elements for a successful affair.


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Our mission is to make your child as comfortable as possible and make sure they are the center of attention for the whole event! We make sure that all your child’s requests are taken care of during our several meetings in person and on the phone. Your MC and all of our A-Team want to become part of your family. Everyone in the family is very important. Whether it’s Bubby and Poppy or the youngest sibling, we cater to all your needs and wants from start to finish!


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Sweet 16

Getting to know the Guest of Honor, and understanding her vision is fist and foremost. AJH can coordinate Entertainment elements to match the theme of her affair. Using enhancements such as lighting, sound, and decor services keep all guests in a long lasting event themed ambiance and mood. Personalizing our packages to fit the needs and wants of our party host is what makes an AJH event such as this SO SWEET!


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From production, Galas, Picnics, Holiday, or Non-Profit, or Signature Events, AJH provides the utmost time and satisfaction Corporate Companies seek and desire, making the planning process simple. We welcome the opportunity and challenge to fufill any Entertainment needs for your annual events.


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Social Events

Schools Events- We party to the hottest music, brush our shoulder’s off, and make school THE best place on Earth. Our AJH crew is full of energy; providing child interactions, making sure everyone is enjoying their time in the gym or on the fields.

Communion/Anniversary/Birthday/Reunion- Making a life changing event, or surprise ever so special for you and your guests is key. AJH can provide you with unique ways to keep your guests on their toes, creating specialized formalities and music selections that satisfy partygoers of all ages. “It’s the little things” that make these events so memorable.