AJH Winter Wedding Pros & Woes


Many vendors and venues offer winter pricing for their off peak months, mainly January, February & March. If you are planning to go with anyone of these months, remember to consider day light savings time. The sun sets earlier in the winter, which means you have less daylight time to capture your photos outdoors.

Outdoor Freezing Photos

Not everyone will be up for this! It’s important to keep your photos stress-free, even if you are freezing. Relax your face. Not everyone can smile when their cold. Make a list in advance of the photos you want taken outdoors, so your photographer can keep things moving right along. Bring tissues.

Ceremony on site of venue

If you are having your ceremony on site of your venue, first decide if you want to see your fiance before the ceremony or not. If not before, you will only have pictures of the two of you once the sun has set. It is best to do your first look and photos before your ceremony when it’s on site, so you can have both daytime and evening photos together. If you do not think of this after booking your venue, you may be very disappointed, as this may not be traditional to everyone. It’s important to remember that you will have all of the photos you want with your hubs to be by making the switch to seeing him beforehand, and you will look forward to the pictures soon after!

Inclement Weather Risks

Search for a venue that has a plan for inclement weather, like having an onsite generator! If the power goes out, so does your DJ, and so does the kitchen. This is not cool. Come up with a list of questions for your Matre’d and make sure you get answers.

Provide Guest Transportation for Safety

Always provide a shuttle for your guests, especially if you are planning for a winter affair. Many Limo companies can provide you with shuttles buses that will take your guests to and from the hotel to venue, and have no issue with trucking through ice or snow. Do not let your guests’ take the chance in driving, it will add more stress to your day. However, there will be those who will take the risk.

Winter Holidays 

Many winter months are near some of our most favorite Holidays to spend with our family and loved ones. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE, or Valentine’s Day, remember to provide your guests with a little something extra for attending your Wedding which is also a holiday. When you choose to have your wedding on a Holiday, you are also sharing your day with that Holiday. People’s expectations for the Holidays come once a year, and if you don’t have a TV somewhere in your venue for them to see the New Year’s Eve ball drop on your NYE Wedding, this could be a damper on things. Expect questions from your guests about your Holiday wedding plans.

The best part about a winter wedding? Rockin’ a Fur!


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Bridal Quest & AJH Wedding Planning

Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 1.18.51 PM

As many of our Brides & Grooms know, AJH is more than just DJ Services, and we want you to know the reason behind that NOW. Although this blog is for the Brides, we first want to explain the history behind the making of Quest, and it’s many divisions.

This past summer, two talented Emcee’s, Adam and Alex,  from the AJH Entertainment office put their heads together and came up with two Camp Crazed games of Camper Quest and Camper Glow, that became more than just a camp idea. After reserving over thirty camp events within the months of just July and August, Quest & Glow made it’s way to the campuses, one of which was Georgian Court University, and they also made an appearance at a Hebrew School, creating their very own “Jewpardy” version of Jeopardy. We are HUUUGE! camp fans in the AJH office, and if you know anything about being a camper, it’s all about color war and competing against one another. We have kept these experiences close to our hearts. Months later, we are still transitioning the game show side of our AJH into other event types. Mitzvahs, Communions, Birthday parties, and Bridal Showers.

How does a Wedding relate to Camp? Just as a camper does not want to see the same thing each year at camp, many Brides are skipping over showers because they are usually all very traditional and predictable. Additionally, many Bride’s are not the center of attention type person (meaning they do not want all eyes on them at one time), and the are looking to skip what is traditional. It’s called being a Bride in Charge.

Dare to be different. You will never play Bridal Bingo again!

AJH has introduced Bridal Quest, the new interactive game show for the Bride to be! Whether the Bride has requested this, or her maids want to surprise her with it, your shower will be far from the norm. Bridal Quest includes trivia all about the Bride & Groom, which allows your guests to learn a little more about each one of you. Let’s face it, we do not know everyone coming to our wedding, so why not start your relationship with these people now? This game is great for all ages, and it is sure to break the silence of those boring table talks, while we watch the Bride open all of those gifts.

The perfect pair.

You can reserve this service as a bundle package through AJH Entertainment, where our Emcee will work with you the whole year of your planning. We want to provide you with more than just our song lists, because our company is more than just music. When people ask what makes us different, this is it! The Bridal Quest game show can also be reserved on it’s own.

Bridal Quest

AJH Entertainment Presents: Bridal Quest an Interactive Gameshow for Bridal Showers, Bridal Events, and Corporate Events from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

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AJH & Bride in Charge Hot Topics

Favors. A Bride’s not so favorite “F” word. Yes, we said it. 



This is intended to make you chuckle.

When it comes to planning your Wedding, it seems that everything slowly begins to NOT revolve around you, (I’m talking about you, BRIDE TO BE!). Surprise! You are planning to celebrate your future, but the focus of everything you will be doing within the next year of planning is going to be about your guests. Why? As much as you may think you know what you want, you will constantly start thinking about what everyone else will like OR say. This is normal, you are not alone.

We have asked Brides & Grooms how they felt after their wedding was over. Many of which explained that they felt more relaxed because their honeymoon was amazing, but on their honeymoon they could not help but wonder what everyone else back home was thinking. Do you know what your guests’ talk about most? Your favors! Yup, whether they are DIY or you spent $10 a piece on every one of them, your favor is a hot topic. Shocker!

Everyone wants to know.

Not only do your guests’ love to find out what your favor is, but they also what to make sure that they can say “I’ve never seen this before!”, and you want to hear it too, YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE! What kind of favor can I come up with that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE? This question can leave us searching Pinterest for 48 hours straight, no lie.

Reactions to expect.

In all reality, it is far from easy to pick something as a “souvenir” of your Wedding to please everyone, so just know now that SOMEONE will say “what is it?”. There will be people who will not know what it is, and this will upset you. Don’t let this get to you. Even if you spent hours the week of your wedding wrapping them and making customized stickers, singing out loud in happily glee, don’t let these statements damper your day. Stay strong!

The guilt is real.

The truth is, after you spend all that time making them pretty and probably spending more than what you thought they would cost, you find out that you have a ton of extras left. Some people may not have gotten one, and you will get that call later on, trust me! But for those who now have this awesome candle with your monogram on it, they are trying to find the perfect place in their home to display it, and sometimes they like it in the bathroom, while other days they put in on their mantle, but the truth is…we are all storing everyone’s favors somewhere in our homes, and we feel terrible even thinking about getting rid of them. Some of us have a whole closet full of favors in our basements, but when you come over we take it out for you, to make sure you know we kept it. F is for friendship.

What if I say FORGET the favor?

Do not let this little something extra drive you crazy. If you have lost sleep over it already, lesson learned. It is a favor in itself to organize and host a lavish event, keep your focus on what matters, and have an amazing day. Don’t let the little things get to you.

For more advice or tips, and your Wedding Event Planning needs, please Like our newest page on Facebook, Bride in Charge, a subsidiary of AJH Entertainment Weddings.  A stress-free wedding planning service, by appointment only, but you can also enjoy these witty blogs, and even submit stories of your own.



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AJH Photo booth FAQ’s

While in the midst of planning your special event, you may be wondering what else? One of the most popular party extras is a Photo booth. Great for any event type, a photo booth can also be the answer to some of the final touches you may be seeking. If you are stumped on whether or not to provide your guests’ with favors, or what the favor should be, a Photo booth picture and frame is the answer! One thing your guests’ will want, is pictures of themselves. You are providing your guests’ with novelty entertainment, that includes unlimited pictures for 4 hours of fun. Eliminate your time and stress wondering what you should do for favors, cut out the over priced costs of favors, and reserve a photo booth instead!

How does reserving a booth benefit the Guest/s Of Honor?

By reserving a photo booth, you as the host will also receive a digital copy of all of your images. The most thrilling part about planning a special event, is getting to  look at the images afterwards! The feedback of your guests’ reactions through photo  is what lets you know that your guests’ had the time of their life. You will be very surprised to see the shyest of your friends and family jump in the photo booth, because a novelty item such as this gives all of your guests’ the chance to have fun together. Additionally, your event is also an opportunity for your  guests’ to meet one another for the first time. Look at the photo booth as the perfect “ice breaker”. A photo booth might not be something you feel is your style, but it may be perfect for your guests!

How will your guests’ know what to do?

Although photo booths are very trendy, there will be guests’ at your event that have no idea what this thing is! Our photo booth attendant’s responsibility is to interact with your guests, explain the operation of the booth, and encourage guests’ to want to  try it, not just walk by it! Our AJH photo booth attendants are trained in customer service satisfaction, you will not see our staff sitting at your event behind the prop table.

Does the booth take away from your event?

The only time our photo booth attendant is not standing beside the booth is during your formalities, in which we let guests’ know that the booth will open again after your speeches, toasts, candle lighting, montage, special dances, cake-cutting, etc. We feel it is extremely important to make sure all eyes are on the GOH during their event. You have one chance to plan this special day in which you worked SO hard for, and none of your guests’ should miss out on these key moments.

Our AJH Photo booth package includes unlimited pictures throughout your affair, with guests choice of black & white, or color prints, and our customized prop box. Add frames as favors to any package, and spare yourself one less thing to worry about. Pair any of our booths with a scrapbook, and make your event an everlasting experience, full of candids you cannot take on your own! Contact us at 732.446.1329 to find out about our Winter Pricing!

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October Awareness & Events

10626719_10152341098545443_540355546957050689_nAs many of you know, October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Miceli family supported their survivor, and all survivors by incorporating “pink props” in their giveaway package.  A Bar or Bat Mitzvah giveaway package can be customized to enhance any theme, color, and or hobby that the guest of honor prefers.  Additional support for breast cancer awareness was displayed in the Miceli’s family’ dessert medley, which were pink chocolate covered oreos’. So Delicious!

Join us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness!

Point Pleasant, NJ – The fight to end breast cancer starts with a single step. Join us October 19, 2014 for the most powerful breast cancer awareness event in New Jersey, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Point Pleasant Beach. Last year alone, supporters raised $68 million nationwide to help the American Cancer Society save lives and this year you have the opportunity to join the fight and have fun doing it. Registration begins at 8AM and the walk at 10AM.

Before and after the 5k walk, join AJH Entertainment in the Arnold Avenue parking lot for a fun-filled celebration including keynote speakers, talented DJs Dancers & MCs and an up-lifting dance party to bring everyone together for one remarkable cause.  Last year over 20,000 participants walked, sang & danced together in a sea of pink to raise money, bring awareness and hopefully one day put an end to breast cancer once and for all.

This year, let’s raise the roof (and of course the funds) together at a powerful and inspiring event to honor those who have battled breast cancer, spread the word about what we can do to help prevent it, and raise money to find cures and support programs and services for those facing the disease.

For more information about October 19th’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event in Point Pleasant Beach please contact Adam at 732-446-1329 or check out http://www.makingstrideswalk.org/pointpleasant.

1374318_617163814991656_1098849721_nMaking Strides 2013…so excited for 2014!



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AJH Bridal Performance

slider22If you haven’t already seen us at one of our many bridal showcases throughout New Jersey, then this is one you should definitely check out. For those who are unfamiliar, a bridal showcase is your one-stop shop for wedding planning. If you’re looking for DJs, photographers, videographers, bridal gowns, tuxedos, florists, invitations, wedding planners, accommodations, jewelry, limousines, photo booths, and much more for your special day, then you should definitely visit a bridal showcase in your area. Luckily, on October 9th at 6pm you can see us performing at one of the best showcases around located at one of the most beautiful venues in central New Jersey.

Windows On The Water is an 86-acre private resort set in the midst of horse country in Millstone Township, Monmouth County. Recently they have received a complete top-to-bottom interior and exterior redesign and renovation, including a private bridal suite and a luxurious air-controlled wedding tent that can seat an additional 300 guests. Beyond the natural landscape, Windows On The Water offers an impressive array of contemporary cuisine selections that will be served throughout the showcase for you to enjoy. This special evening will offer a live music performance by us, AJH Entertainment, table-setting options, hors d’oeuvres and entrée tastings, and even one of our favorite ice sculptures. You are sure to leave with a wealth of ideas for your upcoming celebration!

slider09Throughout the showcase you will have the opportunity to eat some tasty food, drink some delicious drinks, but most importantly enjoy some marvelous entertainment supplied by yours truly, AJH Entertainment. At our bridal showcases we give you a brief yet exciting rundown of how we make your wedding the most exhilarating and unforgettable event of your entire lives, as it should be. Our Emcees and DJ’s will walk you through how we do everything from your grand entrance all the way to your closing ceremony in a fun and unique fashion. Our AJH Talent will give you a taste of the musical entertainment we provide, our lighting techs will show you a stimulating light show to exhibit the state-of-the-art lighting we use to illuminate your wedding, and our personal video montage will highlight all the ways AJH Entertainment will make your event the most spectacular and unforgettable wedding any of your friends and family have ever attended.

So, just to re-cap… Don’t miss out on the most breathtaking wedding showcase AJH Entertainment has the privilege of hosting every year. In fact, save the date now before you forget. Windows On The Water, Thursday October 9th at 6pm. We look forward to seeing our brides and grooms there.

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AJH Personalized Weddings

10306557_10152156331640443_2208350274695460277_nCongratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Michael Espino! On July 13, 2014, they said “I Do”, where their ceremony and reception both took place at The Doubletree of Tinton Falls, NJ.

MC Adam J. worked closely with The Espino’s whom reserved AJH Entertainment’s “Total Gala” Package, which illuminated and personalized their special day at the venue’s Sterling Ballroom

Our Video Visual Production includes two screens, which display the Bride & Groom’s Custom Graphic. The graphic is created by our in house graphic design department.


(Above) Video Visual Production- mint green with Custom Graphic on Screens


(Above) Mike & Lori incorporated their bridal parties colors into their DJ Package


In addition to personalization, we took “A Look Back…” during the couple’s first dance as The New Mr. & Mrs. Espino.  As they danced, their memory montage was played on the screens, which gave their guests’ two great visuals in one moment; seeing them now…and then. Most importantly, embracing the moment wishing them lots of Love for the future ahead.







With our room uplighting, we completely transformed The Sterling Ballroom into their mint green color scheme, which gave perfect ambience to the room, especially during their ceremony and reception.

Photo StripThat’s not all! AJH also provides Photobooth Entertainment which is perfect for family anf friends of all ages! The best way to capture those candid photos you just can’t take on your own, is to reserve a photo booth.

Along with Emcee & DJ services, the couple also reserved our novelty Photobooth package. Photo strips were personalized to match their “custom screen graphic”, displaying their mint green color, their names in a heart shape, and of course the date of their wedding.

Our Photobooth Package includes the footer, prop box, unlimited pictures in guests’ choice of black and white and or color prints, a photobooth attendant, and a digital copy of all of your images.







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AJH Launches New Website

AJH Website Launch

Since 1997, AJH Entertainment has hosted all event types, for all ages. Essentially, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are our largest clientele. Over the past few years, since AJH went full-time, we have had the honor of expanding our horizons and hosting Weddings, Corporate and Camp-based picnics, and becoming the preferred host of New Jersey’s largest walk for “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer“, which is based out of Point Pleasant, NJ.

The launch of our new website is considered a celebration, because we have hit our 17th year in business! For those who do not know, AJH began with parties for friends, and word of mouth truly makes our company what it is today. AJH is a full service event and entertainment company consisting of dedicated professionals whom absolutely love what they do. Many of our “A-team” staff members hold full time occupations during the week, however they also spend their weekends making your event ever so special, and they look forward in doing so.

Working alongside AJH during the week is Impressions Photo & Video whom shares space with us at our office. We have had the pleasure of working with Impressions on many occasions, and we make a great team. Our brand new office based out of Marlboro, NJ is over 3,000 sq. ft., and holds it’s own event space. More importantly, we have two great services, under one roof!

The website launch is a turning point, where AJH has grown from something considered just a hobby, to a successful multi-opt event business. We invite families, brides & grooms, and corporate companies of all types to visit the new and improved site today, and we Thank You for reserving AJH for your celebration. To those new to event planning, please give us  call for your next event, we cannot wait to speak with you!

Please contact Denise@ajhentertainment.com to set up your initial consultation today. Visit our new website at www.ajhent.com.

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AJH & Wedding Wire

UnknownDear Brides & Grooms,

Congratulations on your Engagement!

Have you checked out AJH on Wedding Wire?

Since 1997, Brides and Grooms from the tri-state area have enjoyed celebrations designed especially for them by AJH Entertainment. With the right mix of enthusiastic talent and musical styles tailored to appeal to you, and your guests, we create memorable entertainment. Each event is produced with the utmost care, quality, and experience that make us the most recognized name in DJ entertainment. As you plan your special day, remember that entertainment is one of the most important elements for a successful affair.

From the invitations to the proper icing on the cake, AJH Entertainment is there every step of the way. Our friendly staff will work one-on-one with you to achieve the perfect wedding. Whether it be creating a customized grand entrance or a photo montage to look back on, our years of experience in the entertainment industry assures you that when you put your wedding in our hands, you’ve made the second best decision- the first of course being, the one you’re about to marry.

Your wedding planning process should be stress-free and that’s what we strvie to do at AJH Entertainment. From musical selections and all of your formalities, we take the time to look over everything before hand and not the day of the wedding. Constant communication is key for your planning process, and our staff members will always be available to speak with you.

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Modern Bride: Save VS. Splurge?

220x220_1375377132929-ajhiconsquareThe 2013 Modern Bride is all about the DIY, and Pinterest has captured the  audiences of those craving unique and creative ideas that no one else would have on their special day. There is a misconception that the DIY ideas can come off too obvious as “homemade”. As long as you have an interest in arts and crafts, you can fool anyone, making anything look just as expensive as what any vendor would charge. However, you as the bride and groom know that there are some things you just do not cut corners on, like deciding what you will give one another on your wedding day? We are sure you have seen it all; designer bags worth thousands, a Rolex watch, you know… those few things you would never splurge on yourself and purchase. When it’s your wedding day, you both deserve it, right or wrong? Right!

imagesPinterest has convinced their niche market of creative savers to take a risk, and dare to do some things themselves. When the bride and groom take on more elements themselves, they know that they have saved in areas and can now treat themselves to something extravagant, or splurge in the area they both agree is most worth it. To others, the idea of taking on elements of your wedding such as décor, centerpieces, and invitations can actually become overwhelming in the end. Conversely, some feel it is just easier to leave the work to the vendor, because it is your day to sit back and relax.

Going back to “budget”, you as the bride and groom are seeking the best vendors who can work with you to stay within your “B”. Have you discussed a budget? Is your “B” priceless? Is the money being spent where you both would like it to be? Could this money could have been spent elsewhere? The engaged couples of today are most often saving for more than just their wedding, in fact many couples are already in the midst of purchasing a mortgage for their new home, their planning their honeymoon, and yes, they are even paying for their own wedding.  Are you the bride who wants a lot for her money, or can you live with spending a tremendous amount on just one day?

If you are in the process of planning “everything”, not just a wedding, you are not in this alone. Researching online, comparing, and getting to know vendors, will make your planning process easy. The best way to get ideas is to see who your friends have used, attend a bridal showcase, or meet with a vendor whom someone you know recommended. All in all, decide where you want to save and splurge, because you must treat yourself to something out of the ordinary, and sticking to what makes you happy will give you the most satisfaction.

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ALERT! 🚨 Wedding Show tomorrow at the @thegrand1600 with some awesome wedding vendors! @ajhentertainment team will be performing. This is your chance to take part of an awesome experience! Doors open at 6:30. Dont Miss a Beat! #ajhent #bride #groom #wedding #theknot #njweddingThis is how crazy we got with Nathaniel at @grandmarquiscaterers  There was lots of love, tears, and hype! Thanks to the Levine family for having us. Peace, Love, Mazel Tov! #ajhentertainment #grandmarquis #dontmissabeat #ajhent #mitzvahs #ajhmitzvahsCongrats on your wedding Jamie and Michael.. last night was on fireeeee! @ajhjames and @ajhalexz crushed it. #ajhentertainment #ajhent #dontmissabeat #wedding #weddings #njwedding📸 Cameras ready, prepare to FLASH!! @ajhjames @ajhalexz & @alecnaco are ready to TURN ⬆️ with these awesome newlyweds Jamie & Michael!! @ajhentertainment #dontmissabeat #ajhent #ajhentertainment #ajhweddings@playabowlsmarlboro rocking on their grand opening today! Come by! @ajhjames rocking the tables. #playa #playabowls #ajhent #ajhentertainment #dontmissabeat

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