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One thing that The Mitzvah and Sweet 16 Events have in common is lighting candles, because it is in fact the most important part of the party. However, your venue depicts the way your event will flow, whereas some of your “usual” formalities may be limited or actually non-existant due to your preference. (For instance: Having your affair at a sports or game zone, like The Zone, or Encore Event Center at  Iplay America, will empower much of your guests’ time to that atmosphere). You must imagine what you as the Guest of Honor will want to spend the most time doing, whether it be dedicated to more dancing or games, all of which will be discussed with your Event Host. Below are some tips of importance that every Guest of Honor should keep in mind.

1. Dancing

Indicating which songs you would like to hear for the Host/Hostess Dance, Sweet 16 and Friend Dance (if appropriate), and Sweet 16 and Parent Dance. Your MC will be happy to give you suggestions for these dances. On the back of the Client Information Sheet, you may indicate your musical requests and exclusions.

2. Games

Your Emcee will discuss an assortment of different games, providing you with images and video footage/demonstrations on how the games work with you and your guests.

3. Food

The best part of the affair!

4. Speech/Toasts

If appropriate, indicate if there are any special announcements about any guests that youʼd like the MC to make: birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, marriages, etc.

5. Montage (Optional)

A slideshow of your images, can be mixed with MultiMedia “zapshots”, viewed during a sit down timeframe or throughout the evening. Includes choice of songs and digital copy of all your images.

6. Special Requests

Motzi, Toast, Kiddish: Please indicate which guests will be performing these honors. Please note that a Kiddish is sometimes not performed at the reception. Please ask your caterer.

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AJH Moroccan Sweet 16 at Encore

Bria’s Sweet 16 At Encore

AJH, Encore staff, and Bria’s family, came together to create ideal event flow using two rooms at the facility. In addition, the proper decor was needed to enhance this Sweet 16’s Moroccan theme.

The colors of purple, burnt orange, and maroon, gave Bria’s guests that island like feel, while they danced to a specified list of “Riddim” and todays hits. Color schemes were also displayed in the venue’s ceiling, and customized drape, which gave the division between two rooms that cabana like feel style.

Table centerpieces were dressed with Moroccan Lanterns, lit with LED tee- lights , surrounded by a flower arrangement. The white Lounge Furniture in the Gotham Room was dressed with decorative pillows, candles, and rose petals on the end tables and cocktail high tops. The venue’s bar was also lit to match Bria’s color scheme, and once all lights were dimmed, the evening vibe was overall  the perfect island getaway.


996838_10200268019238814_1351064565_n 181289_10200268018358792_2047117935_n

1000910_10200268017198763_378443751_n 1013395_10200268015358717_1783935959_n

Encore’s Hudson room is connected to Gotham, where Hudson held the DJ Set-up, banquet tables, and dance floor. Gotham is a smaller room, where the bar and buffet was displayed, along with the venue’s lounge furniture. For Bria’s event, this room was designated for cocktail hour, where guests could mingle and relax before the event went into full party mode.



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AJH’s 2013 Hottest Trends & Enhancements

A few of 2013’s hottest trends…


Custom Carpets:  Carpets or runners can be made in various colors, which is the guest of honor’s choice.  Pink, purple, and red seem to be AJH’s biggest hits!  Carpets can be customized with a monogram you choose, giving it ownership, letting everyone know it’s all about you!  We display carpets at your venue, which can be paired with Hollywood Style roping, also known as stanchions, that match your carpet, making your guests’ feel like they are at a Celebrity Event.

Triple Sweet Sixteen Event Recap-Display of all Trends!

AJH Entertainment at Sterling Gardens, Matawan, NJ – NJ Sweet 16 DJs – Lara, Gabby, and Jenna’s Sweet 16 from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

Name in Lights: Our Graphic Arts team will create a custom logo for your event. Your “Name in Lights” can be displayed on your dance floor, your drapery backdrop (behind the DJ), or the venue’s wall.

Customized Graphic: A customized graphic is your monogram or title displayed in yet another spot for all to see, and that is on your HD plasma screens.  It can match the Name in Lights mentioned above, or can be customized to your liking and personal preference.  The best way to describe this enhancement is to picture “the most awesome animated screen saver” that is personalized just for your event!

Step & Repeats:  The term originates from two sources. The first is the action of having talent “step” onto the red carpet, pose for the photographers and leave, while the next person follows and “repeats” the process. The second source originates from graphic designers that would create an image and repeat it in Photoshop, a graphic design program. Overall, it refers to a wall that has sponsors logos on it for the purposes of advertising and capturing photos of celebrity or note worthy people to be used in media outlets such as film, television, magazines and websites. We give you the celebrity opportunity to walk the carpet runner and customize a step and repeat with the graphic our artistic team creates. Display the step and repeat at your event, have your guests walk in front of the custom banner and pair it up with one of our photo option packages to have an instant picture printed onsite and given to your guests as a favor to leave lasting memories.

Video DJ Booth:  At AJH, we took our enhancements to the next level by creating an amazing Video DJ Booth, which consists of four plasma screen TV’s, that displays multi-media in a whole new level.  The booth can simulcast your party live, display music videos of today’s hottest music, and also give your affair that club like atmosphere.


Lighting & Trussing: Lighting sets the mood of your event, and is in fact operating from start to finish. Your event may or may not have a theme, although themes can be created from just the lighting your package includes.  Lighting can be displayed in one color, different variations of one color at the same time, or color changing. Many events begin their planning process by selecting a set color theme, which is incorporated in every aspect of your party.

Our Lighting can be programed to sync with the beat of the music, which is a definite way to keep your guests’ dancing all night long. How you chose to customize your event package is your choice, but obtaining the knowledge of what the Entertainment world has to offer you can make the event planning process so much easier. Get out there and start planning now, the earlier the better!

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The Saavy Sweet 16, AJH Entertainment at Knob Hill Golf Club


The best part about the Sweet 16 planning process, is adding your own creativity to your package.  Everyone has a few tricks up their sleeve! What is your vision? Trends, music, style, and decor change drastically from day to day.  


However, when it’s your time to shine, you want to shock your guests’ with something over the top, and something they’ve never seen before.  As we say at AJH, “We keep your guests talking about your event long after it’s over!”, and we “Don’t Miss a Beat” on that!

Choosing the right entertainment for your special day is key to keeping your Sweet 16 “sweet” not “sour”.  At AJH, we offer packages that guide our clients in the direction of what a Sweet 16 event requires.


Rachael’s Sweet 16 Recap at Knob Hill Golf Club

Rachael’s Sweet 16: Knob Hill Golf Club from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

We thought it would be great to show you two Sweet 16 recaps at the same venue. This let’s our clients’ see how well we know the venue and their staff, and also trust us in saying that no event is ever alike. From entrances, to candle lightings, to courts, themes, and colors, trends are changing every second. Locking in a venue such as Knob Hill that has great food and service is something that all clients’ seek. Leave the imagination and creativity up to the vendors, and don’t forget to ask about our some of our very close friends whose work can be seen in both of these recaps.

Ilana’s Sweet 16 at Knob Hill as well…

Ilana’s Sweet 16: Knob Hill Golf Club, AJH Entertainment from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

For many Sweet 16’s we do suggest pairing a few male motivational dancers with your crowd, which depends on how many guests’ you have invited to your affair. If you are receiving a Giveaway Package, we highly recommend that a dancer be at your event to deliver the props in a interactive type fashion, getting you and your friends together on the dance floor, and keeping the overall flow of the party consistent. We have a selection of male motivators whom we can recommend, or provide you with video footage to see how they interact while at your event. These are talented individuals who not only dress and look professional, but they will be dancing all night long to ensure that each and every part of your event happens according to the timeline you went over with your MC. We keep our crew on their toes and on the same page, never missing a beat on what’s next.

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