Your Prom, One DJ, it’s a Date!

From NJ to Philadelphia, we love revisiting the Schools that bring us back each year for Prom.

 Upper Merion Area High School District


Methacton High School Prom used our Intelligent Lighting, Large Sound System, and Emcee/DJ team.


Colts Neck Jr Prom at Forsgate Country Club included LIVE Instagram feed where the students were able to upload their images to our HD screens, and instantly capture their Prom memories through social media.

Colts Neck Jr Prom

Will AJH Entertainment be your Prom date!


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AJH & Holy Communion Events

Have you ever had this much fun with family and friends? IMG_0401

May is the month of Holy Communions, and AJH Entertainment has spent many Sundays with families who are ready to party! Like…we mean REALLY party! These afternoon events have evolved over the years, now consisting of more than just a family dinner. The DJ is not at your communion to simply play background music, he is there to interact with your kids, friends, AND even the adults. From dancing to interactive games, these 3-4 hours celebrations put a smile on everyone’s face.

We told you…parents join in on the fun too!


Take a look at all the smiling faces with Neverland Balloons!


 Emcee Alex rocked Samantha’s Communion at Courtyard on Main in Freehold


From follow along dance sets, to prizes and giveaways, to magicians, and balloon artists, you can combine extra entertainment with your DJ, to ensure that the guests of honor has the Communion he or she deserves. AJH doesn’t miss a beat!

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Light Up Your Event!

We commonly are asked by our client “How can we transform our banquet room into something different?”

Here are some ways to make the room POP! Take lighting to another level with our lighting options and designs.


What is Intelligent Lighting?

Intelligent lighting is a term used for an innovative type of party or stage light. Their automated mechanism allows the lights to move and create complicated and colorful effects. For celebrations, intelligent lighting can create lighting arrangements of your desired color to match your theme. This lighting is put on something called trussing. These typically go next or beside our DJ setup or can be placed remotely  on the other side of the dance floor. We will transform your room with these lighting fixtures and create an amazing atmosphere.

How many lights are used?

When we create an event design with intelligent lighting we start with 2 lights. You can add as many fixtures based on your vision. You have the vision, we will make it a reality.

Some of Our Intelligent Lighting Designs



What is UpLighting?

Uplighting is the hottest trend for Weddings, Mitzvahs and  special events to set the mood or transform a venue. “Uplights” are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. We can program the lights to your specific color theme. Our lights are wireless and battery operated making it easy to set up and also blend in with your venue.


UpLighting Transforming a Room



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Thats A Wrap! Custom Decals! Dance Floor Decals!

AJH offers a hot new product that brands and ties together a theme for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Custom dance floor decals make excellent Bar/Bat Mitzvah decorations. Our decals are often used not only to decorate venue floors, but also as signing boards in lieu of a guestbook, photo booth backdrops, and even as a centerpiece to the DJ Facade/Booth!


We offer custom  decals ranging from 12 to 72 inches wide or tall. Each of the sizes can either be ordered cropped (we remove the background, giving you a contour cutout of just the subject), or uncropped (the image is left as is, and printed poster-style).

The dance floor decals start at $500.00 and go up depending on size. We can also create smaller decal stickers for furniture or favors.  

Requires at least 2 hours of installation time.




Why settle for a plain looking dance floor or DJ Booth when we can help tie it into your party theme?  Whether you are looking for a logo or want to create a custom floor to look like a basketball court, ice hockey rink, baseball diamond, or game board, we can help!  We can even wrap the venues dance floor to an all white dance floor without bringing an entire dance floor in.  Our dance floor vinyl decals are slip-resistent for the safety of your guests, and scuff-resistent to last throughout your party.  Includes custom cut vinyl, installation, and removal.

12615677_10153243848470443_5191011427191752013_o 12961303_10153387246150443_5090496232874576459_o

Furniture Decals for Personalized Customization


Do you not like the mirrors or artwork in your banquet room?

Take that mirror that you don’t like at your venue and slap a sticker on it to add to the customization!


Call To Add To Your Event!


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AJH Photo booth FAQ’s

While in the midst of planning your special event, you may be wondering what else? One of the most popular party extras is a Photo booth. Great for any event type, a photo booth can also be the answer to some of the final touches you may be seeking. If you are stumped on whether or not to provide your guests’ with favors, or what the favor should be, a Photo booth picture and frame is the answer! One thing your guests’ will want, is pictures of themselves. You are providing your guests’ with novelty entertainment, that includes unlimited pictures for 4 hours of fun. Eliminate your time and stress wondering what you should do for favors, cut out the over priced costs of favors, and reserve a photo booth instead!

How does reserving a booth benefit the Guest/s Of Honor?

By reserving a photo booth, you as the host will also receive a digital copy of all of your images. The most thrilling part about planning a special event, is getting to  look at the images afterwards! The feedback of your guests’ reactions through photo  is what lets you know that your guests’ had the time of their life. You will be very surprised to see the shyest of your friends and family jump in the photo booth, because a novelty item such as this gives all of your guests’ the chance to have fun together. Additionally, your event is also an opportunity for your  guests’ to meet one another for the first time. Look at the photo booth as the perfect “ice breaker”. A photo booth might not be something you feel is your style, but it may be perfect for your guests!

How will your guests’ know what to do?

Although photo booths are very trendy, there will be guests’ at your event that have no idea what this thing is! Our photo booth attendant’s responsibility is to interact with your guests, explain the operation of the booth, and encourage guests’ to want to  try it, not just walk by it! Our AJH photo booth attendants are trained in customer service satisfaction, you will not see our staff sitting at your event behind the prop table.

Does the booth take away from your event?

The only time our photo booth attendant is not standing beside the booth is during your formalities, in which we let guests’ know that the booth will open again after your speeches, toasts, candle lighting, montage, special dances, cake-cutting, etc. We feel it is extremely important to make sure all eyes are on the GOH during their event. You have one chance to plan this special day in which you worked SO hard for, and none of your guests’ should miss out on these key moments.

Our AJH Photo booth package includes unlimited pictures throughout your affair, with guests choice of black & white, or color prints, and our customized prop box. Add frames as favors to any package, and spare yourself one less thing to worry about. Pair any of our booths with a scrapbook, and make your event an everlasting experience, full of candids you cannot take on your own! Contact us at 732.446.1329 to find out about our Winter Pricing!

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AJH Celebration Showcase

Mark your calendars!!! AJH Entertainment will be hosting an RSVP’d  Celebration Showcase & Performance at American Hotel on January 22nd. Please make reservations with Jim or Joy at American Hotel. 

Emcee Adam J.  had the privilege of hosting Grace’s Bat Mitzvah at The American Hotel of Freehold, NJ on this past Saturday afternoon.  Grace’s event took place in the hotel’s “Majestic Room“, which is their grand ballroom, and is suitable for any event type. You may have visited the hotel for their Sunday Brunch. If not, we highly recommend it!

10685517_10152341093530443_3343869224988391375_nIf you are in search of a venue that is different from all of the rest, then The American Hotel is the right choice for you and your family. Many clients ask us: “How can you make an afternoon event feel like an evening event?” Our answer is actually quite simple- “Do amazing events, every event, no matter where; during whatever time of dayMost importantly, know your venues floor plans.” At American Hotel, your afternoon event feels as if you are partying in the evening. As we all know, hosting an event in the afternoon verses in the evening, must be put into consideration when planning your event.

AJH Quick Tip: Choosing a venue that has a lot of sunlight during an afternoon event must be taken into consideration if you are looking to achieve that “nightlife” feel. A “nightlife” event requires a dark atmosphere to fully grasp this type of theme. By choosing a room without the open window concept, you will have more options for enhancements such as “Intelligent Lighting” and “Room Uplighting” that drastically change the venue’s room.

We look forward to seeing you at our Celebration Showcase!- Don’t Miss a Beat!


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October Awareness & Events

10626719_10152341098545443_540355546957050689_nAs many of you know, October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Miceli family supported their survivor, and all survivors by incorporating “pink props” in their giveaway package.  A Bar or Bat Mitzvah giveaway package can be customized to enhance any theme, color, and or hobby that the guest of honor prefers.  Additional support for breast cancer awareness was displayed in the Miceli’s family’ dessert medley, which were pink chocolate covered oreos’. So Delicious!

Join us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness!

Point Pleasant, NJ – The fight to end breast cancer starts with a single step. Join us October 19, 2014 for the most powerful breast cancer awareness event in New Jersey, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Point Pleasant Beach. Last year alone, supporters raised $68 million nationwide to help the American Cancer Society save lives and this year you have the opportunity to join the fight and have fun doing it. Registration begins at 8AM and the walk at 10AM.

Before and after the 5k walk, join AJH Entertainment in the Arnold Avenue parking lot for a fun-filled celebration including keynote speakers, talented DJs Dancers & MCs and an up-lifting dance party to bring everyone together for one remarkable cause.  Last year over 20,000 participants walked, sang & danced together in a sea of pink to raise money, bring awareness and hopefully one day put an end to breast cancer once and for all.

This year, let’s raise the roof (and of course the funds) together at a powerful and inspiring event to honor those who have battled breast cancer, spread the word about what we can do to help prevent it, and raise money to find cures and support programs and services for those facing the disease.

For more information about October 19th’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event in Point Pleasant Beach please contact Adam at 732-446-1329 or check out

1374318_617163814991656_1098849721_nMaking Strides 2013…so excited for 2014!



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“Wild Sweet 16” Powered by AJH Entertainment

10534063_10152141546265443_8155772477874253222_nMikayla’s Sweet 16 was held at American Hotel of Freehold, NJ. Starting with cocktail hour, Mikayla’s friends and family enjoyed an hour in the Lennox Room, and after introductions partied the night away in the Majestic Room. The Majestic Room is known for its large dance floor, and dancing was exactly what Mikayla and her friends did all night long! With AJH’s own MC Sergio on the mic, this Sweet 16 was the ultimate club experience.

We want to introduce our new brand know as “Wild Sweet 16s“, powered by AJH Entertainment. Our Sweet 16s are unlike any other which incorporate a night life atmosphere to the fullest. All of our DJs headline at the hottest night clubs and festivals at the Jersey Shore. We want to take your formal Sweet 16 and transform it into a Wild Sweet 16, with usage of high end lighting, specialty talent, and exceptional planning. Your event will stand out from the rest!

10516710_10152141545915443_2061810807625593030_nMikayla’s Sweet 16 included the following: Name in Lights, Room Uplighting, Video Visual Production, Personalized Instagram#, LED Staging, and our AJH Photobooth.

Name in Lights (as you see left), was placed in the Majestic room, illuminated on the venue’s wall. You know who’s party you are at when you see this, and it’s all about branding!

Be sure to inquire about our hottest service, the  AJH Highlight Recap, which can be added to any event package for any event type.

Mikayla’s Sweet 16 Highlight Recap…powered by AJH 

AJH Entertainment: MC Sergio- Mikayla’s Sweet 16; The American Hotel, Freehold NJ from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

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AJH Launches New Website

AJH Website Launch

Since 1997, AJH Entertainment has hosted all event types, for all ages. Essentially, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are our largest clientele. Over the past few years, since AJH went full-time, we have had the honor of expanding our horizons and hosting Weddings, Corporate and Camp-based picnics, and becoming the preferred host of New Jersey’s largest walk for “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer“, which is based out of Point Pleasant, NJ.

The launch of our new website is considered a celebration, because we have hit our 17th year in business! For those who do not know, AJH began with parties for friends, and word of mouth truly makes our company what it is today. AJH is a full service event and entertainment company consisting of dedicated professionals whom absolutely love what they do. Many of our “A-team” staff members hold full time occupations during the week, however they also spend their weekends making your event ever so special, and they look forward in doing so.

Working alongside AJH during the week is Impressions Photo & Video whom shares space with us at our office. We have had the pleasure of working with Impressions on many occasions, and we make a great team. Our brand new office based out of Marlboro, NJ is over 3,000 sq. ft., and holds it’s own event space. More importantly, we have two great services, under one roof!

The website launch is a turning point, where AJH has grown from something considered just a hobby, to a successful multi-opt event business. We invite families, brides & grooms, and corporate companies of all types to visit the new and improved site today, and we Thank You for reserving AJH for your celebration. To those new to event planning, please give us  call for your next event, we cannot wait to speak with you!

Please contact to set up your initial consultation today. Visit our new website at

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AJH Mentorship

299413_10150318047275443_944730871_nBack in 2011, AJH Entertainment had the privilege of hosting Jillian’s Sweet 16 at Knob Hill Golf Club. Since then, Jillian has kept in touch with AJH Entertainment staff, and is now “Prom Planner” for her Senior Prom for Communications High School, a Monmouth County Vocational School District. Jillian and her fellow colleagues have reserved AJH services for their prom, which will be held at Jacques Caterers this May, 2014. AJH is known for building relationships with their past clients and becoming part of their family. We will also be hosting Jillian’s sister’s Wedding this September at The Ocean Place Resort & Spa.


While attending school, and prom planning, Jillian is also completing her Mentorship Program out of the AJH office. Adam (owner) and Denise (office manager) are assisting Jillian in the learning the ropes of the event planning process.
Jillian’s focus of study is Media and Design. She is applying her skills at our office to complete Business Marketing, Vendor relationships, Advertising, and behind the scene design tasks that AJH works on daily. Jillian will also be joining us at events and showcases.
314527_10150318047870443_239448582_nThe mentorship program we have designed for Jillian will begin with the focus of School Entertainment. Jillian will be contacting all of the schools from Monmouth County, introducing herself and our company to the administrative staff.
The goal will be to create a Marketing Piece that reflects the needs and wants of Entertainment as a whole, for all of the schools she has contacted. In this brochure, Jillian will be designing the layout, images, Entertainment details, and advertisement of AJH Entertainment. Our focus is to attract the market of school events; as small as Ice Cream Socials and Outdoor Events, to as large as Assemblies and Proms.
Other duties include Jillian building relationships with our clients, whereas she could be designing templates for your enhancements; such as, Photobooth Footers and designs, Gobo’s (Name in Lights), and creating your Customized Picture Montage.
To many of us, a DJ and event company is known for only working on the weekend. However, the weekdays are spent planning, designing, focusing on new client opportunity, and personalizing events for our existing and future clients. The Entertainment industry is never closed, and our hours of operation fluctuate due to fit the schedules of our clientele.
We are super psyched to have this opportunity in being a part of Jillian’s mentorship, and you may just see her at your upcoming event!
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ALERT! 🚨 Wedding Show tomorrow at the @thegrand1600 with some awesome wedding vendors! @ajhentertainment team will be performing. This is your chance to take part of an awesome experience! Doors open at 6:30. Dont Miss a Beat! #ajhent #bride #groom #wedding #theknot #njweddingThis is how crazy we got with Nathaniel at @grandmarquiscaterers  There was lots of love, tears, and hype! Thanks to the Levine family for having us. Peace, Love, Mazel Tov! #ajhentertainment #grandmarquis #dontmissabeat #ajhent #mitzvahs #ajhmitzvahsCongrats on your wedding Jamie and Michael.. last night was on fireeeee! @ajhjames and @ajhalexz crushed it. #ajhentertainment #ajhent #dontmissabeat #wedding #weddings #njwedding📸 Cameras ready, prepare to FLASH!! @ajhjames @ajhalexz & @alecnaco are ready to TURN ⬆️ with these awesome newlyweds Jamie & Michael!! @ajhentertainment #dontmissabeat #ajhent #ajhentertainment #ajhweddings@playabowlsmarlboro rocking on their grand opening today! Come by! @ajhjames rocking the tables. #playa #playabowls #ajhent #ajhentertainment #dontmissabeat

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