Vendor Spotlight- Bridal Hair

photoWe are very excited to share our first vendor spotlight, Ariana’s Hair Creations. This Q&A  answers some very common questions that you as a Bride may be wondering. It may have been awhile since the last time you had your hair styled or put in an “updo”, and we all know that when it was our Prom days, mom helped us out A LOT! Now, you are planning for your Wedding, and all of your Bridesmaids, it’s important to get all the details before you sit in the chair and find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Your hair is a big deal! Here’s what we found out from one of our vendor professionals.

1. Does my hair salon have to be close to my venue’s location?

If you prefer being in a salon atmosphere on the morning of your wedding, then yes. If you want stylists to come to you, we travel so it doesn’t matter where the venue is. Let us come to you!

2. Can my hairdresser also be my makeup artist? 

Yes! Depending on the amount of girls that need services.

3. Along with the bride, how many maids should your hairdresser be able to “updo” or style?

At least 1-2 girls an hour.

4. What was the largest size bridal party you styled and how long did it take?

10 girls, 4-5 hours

5. Should the Bride and her maids come to the salon, or get ready wherever they prefer?

Wherever they feel comfortable. Most prefer to be set at home, or at the venue.

6. Do your hairstylists look the part? Your team may be on camera too, what do you wear the morning of my wedding? 

Stylists are neat and professionally styled in all black for the morning of the wedding.

7. Do you suggest having a stylist ONLY for the Bride and no one else? 

If you want everyone to look uniform, we recommend everyone getting services done.

8. Why should a Bride do a trial BEFORE her wedding?

The goal is to have the bride feeling confident about her look on her special day. A trial allows unlimited time to work on her hair, so we can make sure it’s perfect. Most take advantage of the trial for engagement photos, or the engagement party.

9. Why do you, or don’t you charge the Bride for the trial? 

There is a small fee for a trial because it does take time, and labor.

10. Do you attend bridal showcases? If so, where can we see you next? 

I am very active in bridal showcases. Come see me at Monmouth University on Feb 21st.

Ariana DiFiore
Salon offers all color services, and free blow outs for new clients. Ask for Ariana.
Hudson & Canal located in Red Bank. 732.212.1990
Wedding Hair Timeline

Be sure to follow Bride in Charge for more vendors that ROCK! We will also be at Monmouth University on Feb. 21st.

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Reviewing your Vendor

Reviews and ratings of event companies are very helpful tools for a potential customer or client. You would assume that a good standing company would have reviews on their site, however that is not always the case. Frankly, that is often the greatest assumption about this topic.

Many companies actually pay for a service that enables the company to inform their clients about where they can leave a review. This service helps the company create a buzz and boost their rankings. Incentives are provided to companies who are competitive with this testimonial service, and that is why you would see indications of awards on their marketing pieces.
Wedding Wire & The Knot are today’s most popular sites that encourage event companies to partner with them, and develop a stronger social media backing, along with client interaction. If you as the guest of honor have researched for vendors on either of these sites, you would see what companies gain the most search traffic, and what past clients have to say about their experiences.
What made you want to research the company?
You may be researching a specific event company for a different reason than some one else. Besides online testimonials, word of mouth advice, and being a guest of a friends event can tell you all you really need to know. It’s important to know that every event is actually a showcase. That’s why we love to do amazing events, every event! It’s important to research the structure of a vendor’s website to see how client friendly it is, OR, is not. While some websites are very straight forward, others are too busy for the eye.
Why are there reviews for more than just the event type your planning?
To keep an open mind on the services the event companies offers, it’s best to let clients of ALL event types review the vendor. Many event types are seasonal, meaning they don’t occur at any given month out of the year. For example, there are certain months for graduation parties, communions, and Holiday corporate events. A well rounded company will see all event type testimonials as a way to distinguish their diversity among their talent and business. Event industry professionals do not have the average full time 5 day a week profession, and they often prefer to not have that routine. They need to fill in their calendar dates with events that happen all year round.
Does a bad review mean the company stinks?
A review that is negative can mean many things to the client who left it, as well as the event professional. As a potential client reading the horror of this backlash review, you will certainly sense doubt. However, if there was no form of criticism on the companies website, would you feel like it’s too good to be true? There is such a thing of feeling this way.
The irony of the review service is that MOST clients will leave a negative review before they remember to leave a positive one. Once your event has ended, if all has gone well, and your relieved that you can now breath from all that planning, the last thing your thinking about is reviewing your vendor. This is why companies generate automated follow up emails to remind you to take a minute, and leave some words of praise.
As an event professional, you must be able to take criticism, and also offer the client your expertise when it comes to the operation side of event planning. There must be a good standing between you and the client, after all…if a client doesn’t trust a vendor, they will not reserve that vendor. It’s that simple.
12108165_542428309259600_2918741209824396064_nIf you are not feeling confident about what vendor information you come across online, Bride in Charge is just the right event planning tool for you!
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The Tonight Show with Jesse Kohn

photo (17)

Trying to come up with the perfect theme for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Ever think about hosting your own late night talk show like the Jimmy Fallon  Tonight Show? Probably not, but at AJH Entertainment, we had the honor of attending “The Tonight Show with Jesse Kohn”, and he was in character as his own version of Jimmy all evening.

To start off the show, Jimmy… (I mean Jesse) entered through the infamous blue curtains with a standing ovation. Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah Emcee, Mr. Adam J. also went into character as the shows audience coordinator, prepping all of the Kohn’s guests’ for a live broadcasting, and they were on in 5….4…3…2…1…”Hey Hey Hey Hey…..Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Tonight Show, with your host… Mr. Jesse Kohnnnnnnn!” AJH had the pleasure of entertaining for the Kohn’s for their previous mitzvahs, all of which included our amazing talents, both Emcee Alex and Emcee Freddy.

Then, out of the curtains, comes your guest of honor himself, Jesse, whom came up with his own monologue to begin his very own show. In the midst of the monologue, from out of nowhere…arrives his good friend # the Panda.

In case you don’t know who Hashtag the Panda is, this is him.


photo (16)Soon after, with Jesse’s own desk, and customized NYC view, he recites his candle lighting. He thanked each person, just as Jimmy Fallon presents his Thank You Notes, with the background music to follow each candle. This was not your average candle lighting, because we were live on air the entire time.

Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah took place at High Point Solutions Stadium, at Rutger’s University, where he was live on EVERY screen, even in the bathrooms! As you are washing your hands, you are watching Jesse on the monitors in the mirror! He was even on the giant scoreboard screen!  Jesse and his mom Sue put in a lot of effort to make sure every detail was perfect! AJH Entertainment and Impressions Photo and Video took on event planning roles, where photos and videos of Jesse in his suit and tie were spot on, just like Jimmy Fallon. Video clips included Jesse acting out different monologues, which looped on the screens all night, keeping all of his guests’ entertained.

Other extra entertainment included a custom built “DRINKO” board for cocktail hour, another favorite game that celebrities play with Jimmy on his show. You might have seen this clip recently… photo (14)

Custom centerpieces were done by mom herself, and photo booth variations of step & repeat, and our strolling paparazzi photo booth captured great candids!

photo (15)

Take a look at Jesse’s AJH Entertainment Recap!


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What do discounts mean to a Bride?

imagesBudget is very important when it comes to wedding planning, and unfortunately it entails strain on deciding where you can save or splurge. The word “discount” is really enticing to us because it’s simple to find out who offers promotions when you decide to add yourself to those torturous email threads. Go to one showcase, you will have emails for LIFE! (Hint: create a wedding email (separate from your personal account), and let them pile up in there. With everything on your mind, you cannot review emails from various vendors all at one time, you will literally drive yourself mad.

Here’s what we know about our Brides: This is probably the first time most of you, as newly engaged couples have come across pricing. What it costs to have your average wedding these days is CRAY! Yes, you may know that your sister, cousin, or friend went through it all before you, but when it comes to YOU, it’s different. This is why you are planning a wedding, and why would you do everything that someone you know did? Every wedding should be personalized to be exactly what you want.

So, what do discounts mean to a Bride?

Quite frankly, NOTHING! If the bride has no clue what pricing for services cost in general, and nothing to compare it to, how could she tell that the discount is actually a “savings”?

A discount under $500 could mean various things when it comes to Entertainment services. Here’s a list of what could be for FREE under this price point: Cocktail Hour Music, Ceremony Music (on or off site of your venue), Monogram/GOBO, 1 Live Musician (depending on instrument), 1-2 extra hours of music, or a picture montage.

It’s important to know that there is always a starting rate to reserve your DJ & Emcee, and many of the “most discounted” services above are added to the starting rate by client request. It is not safe to assume that every Bride and Groom would like all of these services clumped together in one package (even if a discount is being offered), there needs to be a way to distinguish where the savings is being applied. Is it discounted JUST to reach your desired budget, or ACTUALLY covering an entire service fee? This is not mean’t to feel like a car dealership scenario, but it often can be.

Moreover, packaging entertainment with novelty such as a photo booth is another common way to entice, yet confuse you. It’s in your best interest to stay focused on one vendor at a time, for what that vendor specializes in. The photo booth industry is EXTREMELY competitive, yet the return on the service is not comparable across the board.

Discounts on photo booth novelty to consider can become deal breaking without thorough research. Packages can be based anywhere from 1-4 hours, and by reserving the least amount of hours, you could be getting charged way more than the average 4 hour price. What’s almost always included in these packages is a prop box. There is almost always an additional charge for a scrapbook, or photo frames.

What are you getting for a discount under $500 from a photo booth? A free scrapbook, (a free prop box)-this may or may not be an actual savings, a limit on the amount of photos taken within your reserved time frame, a USB of all your photos, or a small savings on frames to use as your favors.

When it comes to price shopping, don’t jump for the discount unless you know how it fits into your contract. Shop around, compare prices, and see what you have learned from your initial vendor meetings. Ask questions. Always be a Bride in charge.



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Because your the Bride!

Bride bagHappy New Year to our Brides & Grooms recently engaged! What a way to start off 2016! Whether you are totally prepared to start wedding planning, or totally clueless on where to begin, we have just the right planning tools to help you start, and keep you on track.

Bride in Charge is an event planning service that helps you understand what vendors you need to reserve, in what order, at what time frames, and according to your budget. If you are a busy Bride, trying to plan everything while working a full time job is not easy. Many vendors can only meet with you during the weekdays (after work hours), because they host events on the weekends, AND your weekends are also cherish-able, because you need to relax after that 40 hour work week.

It’s time to learn how to be a BIC, “Bride in Charge, that is!  “B” is never for Bridezilla, we are all beautiful brides! 

Planning your wedding is the most exciting and overwhelming time of your life. You as the Bride want to feel as if you are in charge of it all, and you can in fact do so, when YOU do your research. If the hubs to be is the type who enjoys this kind of stuff, bring him along, because it’s about the BOTH of you. If he wants to watch Football, let him, we got this, he will love it!

So, how do you as the Bride start researching?

Most commonly, the Bride would visit Bridal Showcases. As these are the perfect weeknight or Sunday afternoon event, it becomes difficult to focus on what you are looking for. So many vendors, and so much information, you do not know what to review first. That bag they give you when you check in, what do you even do with it? Seriously…do you have the time to cycle through it all? No!

Putting information in a bag is like cleaning out your refrigerator, throwing away all those veggies you wanted to cook, but don’t have time to, and now their spoiled. In the garbage bag they go! There is nothing about a bag that is enticing to a Bride, we just collect more and more information and throw it in there and it becomes dead to us. One hand has our bag and the other has our wine, we are here at the showcase for the wine! Right? Right! (Don’t forget about the Door Prizes!!!)

We have no idea what the heck we are looking at or listening to all of these people tell us! We are possibly drunk, or maybe just buzzed. Then we go home with our “baaaaggg” and we throw it on the floor. This is not how a Bride finds her confidence in feeling in charge, but the wine helps us sleep well! Back to work we go, head spinning, looking at Pinterest bugging out all day.

The truth is, a working Bride has no time to waste, and if these showcase events are not sparking any ideas, you are becoming stressed. Do you know that “Desserts” spelt backwards actually spells “stressed”? You are at these showcases surrounded by chocolate fountains and you wonder why you are stressed?! Now you know. Don’t let your precious weekends feel unfulfilling, instead it’s time to take charge! It’s time to do so now, okay?

What should the Bride get from a showcase?

The only FREE opportunity you should indulge in at any point of your wedding planning is the free honeymoon giveaway. Vacationing is never cheap and it’s good for the soul! We just think “I want to be tan now!”. A showcase is also a great opportunity to find your venue, because a venue that showcases goes over and beyond to satisfy their future brides and grooms. With that being said, you as the Bride MUST try the food at EVERY single bridal show you attend, all of it…so wear leggings.

How do you as the Bride take charge?

Organize your life now, okay? Make a list of what you do and don’t like and bring it with you every time you are trying to make a decision. Keep it in your purse at every friends wedding you attend and update it often. You will find ideas at other people’s events, and it will get your mind thinking. It is easier to realize what you do not like, then think of what you do like. Organize your mind.

Being a BIC is having control of your vendor sequence. For instance, you cannot select DJ services before selecting a venue and wedding date. How do you know if the DJ is available? Moreover, attending bridal showcases without a venue and date will make your head spin! You definitely don’t feel in charge during these moments, and that results in more wine and you only have two hands, but you can’t have two glasses of wine at one time while at these shows, because your one hand is still holding that bag of information, remember?  That is not control, that is just chaos!

What is Bride in Charge?

  • Consultations with you via phone/email.
  • Assistance in budget determination and breakdown as needed
  • Discussion of theme/color, style, and complete event design
  • Research of event professionals in each category that fit your event style and budget and to provide you with suggestions and guidance in making final decisions.
  • Attendance at 5-8 vendor appointments of your choice
  • Up to 10 hours of professional in-person consultation time throughout planning.

Reserve BIC within the months of January-March 20th, to receive Winter pricing. (Valid on Weddings for 2016 and on).

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AJH Winter Wedding Pros & Woes


Many vendors and venues offer winter pricing for their off peak months, mainly January, February & March. If you are planning to go with anyone of these months, remember to consider day light savings time. The sun sets earlier in the winter, which means you have less daylight time to capture your photos outdoors.

Outdoor Freezing Photos

Not everyone will be up for this! It’s important to keep your photos stress-free, even if you are freezing. Relax your face. Not everyone can smile when their cold. Make a list in advance of the photos you want taken outdoors, so your photographer can keep things moving right along. Bring tissues.

Ceremony on site of venue

If you are having your ceremony on site of your venue, first decide if you want to see your fiance before the ceremony or not. If not before, you will only have pictures of the two of you once the sun has set. It is best to do your first look and photos before your ceremony when it’s on site, so you can have both daytime and evening photos together. If you do not think of this after booking your venue, you may be very disappointed, as this may not be traditional to everyone. It’s important to remember that you will have all of the photos you want with your hubs to be by making the switch to seeing him beforehand, and you will look forward to the pictures soon after!

Inclement Weather Risks

Search for a venue that has a plan for inclement weather, like having an onsite generator! If the power goes out, so does your DJ, and so does the kitchen. This is not cool. Come up with a list of questions for your Matre’d and make sure you get answers.

Provide Guest Transportation for Safety

Always provide a shuttle for your guests, especially if you are planning for a winter affair. Many Limo companies can provide you with shuttles buses that will take your guests to and from the hotel to venue, and have no issue with trucking through ice or snow. Do not let your guests’ take the chance in driving, it will add more stress to your day. However, there will be those who will take the risk.

Winter Holidays 

Many winter months are near some of our most favorite Holidays to spend with our family and loved ones. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE, or Valentine’s Day, remember to provide your guests with a little something extra for attending your Wedding which is also a holiday. When you choose to have your wedding on a Holiday, you are also sharing your day with that Holiday. People’s expectations for the Holidays come once a year, and if you don’t have a TV somewhere in your venue for them to see the New Year’s Eve ball drop on your NYE Wedding, this could be a damper on things. Expect questions from your guests about your Holiday wedding plans.

The best part about a winter wedding? Rockin’ a Fur!


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Bridal Quest & AJH Wedding Planning

Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 1.18.51 PM

As many of our Brides & Grooms know, AJH is more than just DJ Services, and we want you to know the reason behind that NOW. Although this blog is for the Brides, we first want to explain the history behind the making of Quest, and it’s many divisions.

This past summer, two talented Emcee’s, Adam and Alex,  from the AJH Entertainment office put their heads together and came up with two Camp Crazed games of Camper Quest and Camper Glow, that became more than just a camp idea. After reserving over thirty camp events within the months of just July and August, Quest & Glow made it’s way to the campuses, one of which was Georgian Court University, and they also made an appearance at a Hebrew School, creating their very own “Jewpardy” version of Jeopardy. We are HUUUGE! camp fans in the AJH office, and if you know anything about being a camper, it’s all about color war and competing against one another. We have kept these experiences close to our hearts. Months later, we are still transitioning the game show side of our AJH into other event types. Mitzvahs, Communions, Birthday parties, and Bridal Showers.

How does a Wedding relate to Camp? Just as a camper does not want to see the same thing each year at camp, many Brides are skipping over showers because they are usually all very traditional and predictable. Additionally, many Bride’s are not the center of attention type person (meaning they do not want all eyes on them at one time), and the are looking to skip what is traditional. It’s called being a Bride in Charge.

Dare to be different. You will never play Bridal Bingo again!

AJH has introduced Bridal Quest, the new interactive game show for the Bride to be! Whether the Bride has requested this, or her maids want to surprise her with it, your shower will be far from the norm. Bridal Quest includes trivia all about the Bride & Groom, which allows your guests to learn a little more about each one of you. Let’s face it, we do not know everyone coming to our wedding, so why not start your relationship with these people now? This game is great for all ages, and it is sure to break the silence of those boring table talks, while we watch the Bride open all of those gifts.

The perfect pair.

You can reserve this service as a bundle package through AJH Entertainment, where our Emcee will work with you the whole year of your planning. We want to provide you with more than just our song lists, because our company is more than just music. When people ask what makes us different, this is it! The Bridal Quest game show can also be reserved on it’s own.

Bridal Quest

AJH Entertainment Presents: Bridal Quest an Interactive Gameshow for Bridal Showers, Bridal Events, and Corporate Events from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

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AJH & Bride in Charge Hot Topics

Favors. A Bride’s not so favorite “F” word. Yes, we said it. 



This is intended to make you chuckle.

When it comes to planning your Wedding, it seems that everything slowly begins to NOT revolve around you, (I’m talking about you, BRIDE TO BE!). Surprise! You are planning to celebrate your future, but the focus of everything you will be doing within the next year of planning is going to be about your guests. Why? As much as you may think you know what you want, you will constantly start thinking about what everyone else will like OR say. This is normal, you are not alone.

We have asked Brides & Grooms how they felt after their wedding was over. Many of which explained that they felt more relaxed because their honeymoon was amazing, but on their honeymoon they could not help but wonder what everyone else back home was thinking. Do you know what your guests’ talk about most? Your favors! Yup, whether they are DIY or you spent $10 a piece on every one of them, your favor is a hot topic. Shocker!

Everyone wants to know.

Not only do your guests’ love to find out what your favor is, but they also what to make sure that they can say “I’ve never seen this before!”, and you want to hear it too, YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE! What kind of favor can I come up with that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE? This question can leave us searching Pinterest for 48 hours straight, no lie.

Reactions to expect.

In all reality, it is far from easy to pick something as a “souvenir” of your Wedding to please everyone, so just know now that SOMEONE will say “what is it?”. There will be people who will not know what it is, and this will upset you. Don’t let this get to you. Even if you spent hours the week of your wedding wrapping them and making customized stickers, singing out loud in happily glee, don’t let these statements damper your day. Stay strong!

The guilt is real.

The truth is, after you spend all that time making them pretty and probably spending more than what you thought they would cost, you find out that you have a ton of extras left. Some people may not have gotten one, and you will get that call later on, trust me! But for those who now have this awesome candle with your monogram on it, they are trying to find the perfect place in their home to display it, and sometimes they like it in the bathroom, while other days they put in on their mantle, but the truth is…we are all storing everyone’s favors somewhere in our homes, and we feel terrible even thinking about getting rid of them. Some of us have a whole closet full of favors in our basements, but when you come over we take it out for you, to make sure you know we kept it. F is for friendship.

What if I say FORGET the favor?

Do not let this little something extra drive you crazy. If you have lost sleep over it already, lesson learned. It is a favor in itself to organize and host a lavish event, keep your focus on what matters, and have an amazing day. Don’t let the little things get to you.

For more advice or tips, and your Wedding Event Planning needs, please Like our newest page on Facebook, Bride in Charge, a subsidiary of AJH Entertainment Weddings.  A stress-free wedding planning service, by appointment only, but you can also enjoy these witty blogs, and even submit stories of your own.



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Alex & Jared crowd surf at Radisson Hotel!

What’s different about this picture? When guests’s walked into the room for Alex & Jared’s Bnai Mitzvah, they actually felt like they were at home with these two. We loved the idea of covering up the artwork at the venue, and incorporating Alex & Jared into the frame, it was picture perfect!

photo 2 (1)

This past weekend with The Goldberg’s was a Tiki Beach Bar theme, in which their logo was incorporated into their DJ Package and decor.

photo 1 (1)



The Radisson of Freehold, NJ not only has an amazing sized main ballroom, but the space gives you the freedom to create a spacious selection of lounge decor as well.  “All the kids be Hangin in the Tiki Hut


Personalize your event with Extra Entertainment such as our Step & Repeat, this is an open style photobooth!


Live Musicians are another great extra entertainment feature, here’s our very own Dave jammin’ on stage!



…and if your lucky, Emcee Adam will let you crowd surf! This was Alex & Jared’s way of making an entrance.



 We had a blast with Alex & Jared, as well as their family and friends!









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Summer 2015 Presents: Camper Glow & Camper Quest

     This coming summer AJH Entertainment will be officially debuting our newest branches of entertainment primarily geared towards summer camps called Camper Glow & Camper Quest. After running our extremely successful Hop & Bop-A-Thon parties at Frog Bridge Day Camp for the last three consecutive summers we finally decided to take the show on the road and create a new brand of entertainment solely for campers. Summer camp is a place where kids can be kids, explore, learn new things, meet new people, and most importantly have fun and that is why we are bringing the fun directly to them in the form of Camper Glow & Camper Quest.


photo 2

Camper Glow is an elite, all-inclusive Neon – Day Glow Dance party that comes directly to camps to throw the biggest and most exciting event a camp has ever seen. We will transform any designated space into an electrifying dance party experience that campers won’t soon forget.

Camper Glow comes complete with; an MC and DJ providing all the hits campers want to dance to, an extravagant light show creating a stimulatingly brilliant atmosphere, dancers to keep the party going, and of course all the neon-glow paints/highlighters, T-shirts and giveaways needed to create the full day glow party experience at any camp.

Camper Quest is an exhilarating new game show that combines both engaging physical and mental challenges into one of the most exciting and entertaining experiences campers won’t want to miss. Two teams of campers and counselors go head-to-head in a variety of fun, competitive games ranging from brain-racking trivia & charades to wacky relay races and obstacle courses.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.07.53 PM

Camper Quest comes complete with our extravagant game show set including; a personalized backdrop, state-of-the-art sound system and lighting, lit podiums fit with buzzers and digital score screens, and 2 huge LED TV’s to allow the entire camp audience to join in on the fun. Our lively show host and DJ will lead campers through a stimulating rollercoaster ride of games and challenges while keeping the audience fully engaged and participating. Camper Quest is jam-packed with hours of entertainment for the entire camp, as our game show is fully customizable for all age groups.

Not only are we bringing this electrifying summer experience directly to day and sleep away camps in the tri-state area, but we also have a new location called Game Changer World on Route 9 in Howell who will be hosting our events in their beautiful, newly renovated event space. GCWaddressLOGONEWsmallGame Changer World will offer campers more than just the exciting event we will be hosting as they also have a full arcade and mobile gaming room fit with  X-Box 360’s as well as a full service snack bar.

     So look out for us this summer at a camp near you… To learn more about our upcoming summer camp entertainment program please check out our website at We will also have a booth at the upcoming ACA Tri-State Camp Conference at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ this March 16th-19th. Feel free to stop by our booth, see what were all about and hang out with us for a bit.

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Happy Sweet 16 Caroline!!Thanks for everyone coming out and rocking with @ajhentertainment and raising money for a great cause! We will always power through this and find a cure! BEAT CANCER!!Killed this setup and party today. Another party AJH crushhhhed!! Mitzvah Weekend doesnt stop. #ajhentertainment #ajhent #dontmissabeat #mitzvshLighting it up PINK to raise awareness of Cancer! One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Also many men may have breast cancer too... come support Sunday for the Strides event! Cant wait to rock! @msabc_pointpleasantbeach #cancersucks #beatcancer #ajhent #ajhentertainmentCome join us this Sunday at the Making Strides walk in Point Pleasant NJ. We start rocking at 9am and party after the walk. This is one of the best events all year.. dont Miss a beat! Beat Cancer!! @msabc_pointpleasantbeach

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