Ben’s World Cup Bar Mitzvah!

AJH hosted Ben’s Bar Mitzvah at The Holiday Inn of East Windsor which was a  “World Cup” theme. The AJH Multimedia Package includes two 50′ LCD screens, live simulcast, a customized graphic for the Guest of Honor, our custom photo montage, and video production. By reserving this package you are adding an additional  A-team support tech to your event, he essentially runs your video visual production.


Our “customized graphic” gives your event personalization. These graphics are created by our in house graphic designer, and displayed on the screens during the event. For Ben, we incorporated the world cup logo, and inserted the year 2014 to brand Ben’s special day. Along side of the world cup, we created a soccer atmosphere.

Here you will also notice that the DJ Set-up is illuminated with colors. We light the DJ facade, trussing, and staging to match your color scheme, everything must always match!

Let’s take a look behind the DJ booth, because it’s important to know a little background on what we are doing while you are enjoying yourself. Live Simulcasting gives your guests the ability to see what is happening at your event, from anywhere in the room. From the bar, to the furthest table in the back of the room, this feature helps ensure that no one misses a second of your event.

Ben's graphic

Zap Shot Photography can also be added to any package, and these are the images you see while reading this blog. We provide a “zaps” assistant to capture more than just those standstill portraits, but mainly the ones you cannot take yourself because you are having a blast. “Zaps” consist of “in the moment” dance floor pictures, and catching your guests busting out the craziest moves.


One of the most memorable points at your event is the showing of your picture montage. All of your friends want to see how much you have grown, and also see what you looked like as a baby too! A month before your event we meet to discuss your timeline, and we let you decide when you want to “Take a Look Back…”. Here you can see Ben and all of his friends sitting on the dance floor watching his montage.

AJH Entertainment focus’s solely on branding your event, making sure the party is all about the Guest of Honor. All of your vendors collectively have a responsibility of working together on this one day, to individually display their own creativity. Choosing the right theme for your event is what makes this day so memorable and unlike anyone else’s.  Thank You to The Kokot’s for the amazing feedback, we cannot wait to work with you all again in a few years!

Adam and the staff at AJH Entertainment are truly one of a kind!  We have had the honor of not just using them for both our boys bar mitzvahs, but also at being guest at many events they have entertained at.  We would NEVER look elsewhere after the amazing job they ALWAYS do!  From the first phone call to book the event, down to the last dancer on the floor, AJH was nothing but professional, patient, and a pleasure to work with.   They have a natural gift of putting people at ease and making them feel like they are their one and only clients.  It is not an easy task to get awkward 13 year olds and 70 year old grandparents ALL up and dancing, but rest assured with AJH everybody had their dancing shoes on!!  We can’t even begin to tell you how many of our guest commented on the incredible job they did.  The music, games,  and dancers were awesome throughout  the event.  The montage, lighting and World Cup Logo on the big screens gave our event the perfect final touches.  Adam and his staff also worked wonderfully with our photographer and the staff at the reception hall.   It 100% wouldn’t have been a party without them!  AJH, we can’t thank you enough!  We look forward to our next bar mitzvah in 2018!”


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AJH Launches New Website

AJH Website Launch

Since 1997, AJH Entertainment has hosted all event types, for all ages. Essentially, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are our largest clientele. Over the past few years, since AJH went full-time, we have had the honor of expanding our horizons and hosting Weddings, Corporate and Camp-based picnics, and becoming the preferred host of New Jersey’s largest walk for “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer“, which is based out of Point Pleasant, NJ.

The launch of our new website is considered a celebration, because we have hit our 17th year in business! For those who do not know, AJH began with parties for friends, and word of mouth truly makes our company what it is today. AJH is a full service event and entertainment company consisting of dedicated professionals whom absolutely love what they do. Many of our “A-team” staff members hold full time occupations during the week, however they also spend their weekends making your event ever so special, and they look forward in doing so.

Working alongside AJH during the week is Impressions Photo & Video whom shares space with us at our office. We have had the pleasure of working with Impressions on many occasions, and we make a great team. Our brand new office based out of Marlboro, NJ is over 3,000 sq. ft., and holds it’s own event space. More importantly, we have two great services, under one roof!

The website launch is a turning point, where AJH has grown from something considered just a hobby, to a successful multi-opt event business. We invite families, brides & grooms, and corporate companies of all types to visit the new and improved site today, and we Thank You for reserving AJH for your celebration. To those new to event planning, please give us  call for your next event, we cannot wait to speak with you!

Please contact to set up your initial consultation today. Visit our new website at

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2013’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entrance songs with AJH!

Best-of-2013-Music-300x300After all of the planning, and after all of those poems you put together for each candle lighting, we bet it’s hard to remember the songs you selected for each important person in your life! What you probably do not forget is how long it took to come up with each one of those songs, right? Well…AJH wants to take you back to remembering 2013 and all of those songs you love, so take a look!

Entrance Songs for The Bat Mitzvah Girl:

-Pitbull- “Don’t Stop the Party”

-Katy Perry- Firework

-Pitbull & Christina Aguilera- “Feel this Moment”

-Lady Gaga- “Applause”

-Icona Pop- “I Love It”

-Ke$ha & Pitbull- “Timber”

Entrance Songs for The Bar Mitzvah Boy:

-Mackelmore- “Thrift Shop”

-Will I Am & Brittany Spears- “Scream & Shout”

-Justin Timberlake- “Suit & Tie”

-Aviici- “Levels”

-Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis- “Can’t Hold Us”

-Robin Thicke- “Blurred Lines”

Entrance Songs for your “little sis”:

-Nikki Minaj- “Starships”

-Alicia Keys- “Girl on Fire”- (Chorus)

-Icona Pop- “All Night”

-What Makes you Beautiful- “One Direction”

Entrance Songs for your “little bro”:

-Jay- Z & Justin Timberlake- “Holy Grail”

-Flo Rida- “Good Feeling” & Justin Bieber- “Power”

-Chris Brown- “Turn up the Music”

Whether you are remembering the day, or planning for it, start jotting down songs early. Think about what the song means to you, and or the special person you are assigning it to. It’s never too late to start planning! 


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AJH Bar Mitzvahs hit Atlanta, Georgia!

Coca Cola BearIf you are searching for the perfect place to visit for a long weekend, you will not be disappointed taking a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Did you know that the original Coca Cola Factory remains in the ATL? For just twenty dollars per person, and maybe less for the kiddies, you can take an amazing tour of the factory. Not only do you absorb some interesting facts about this delicious drink, but you also see a 4D Movie, and taste soda from all over the world in their amazing tasting room.

Did you know that the first servings of Coca‑Cola were sold for just 5 cents per glass? Now that’s a bargain! With Coke’s most recognizable mascot, the white polar bear, we can all agree that Coca Cola commercials make us as happy as this bear and it’s family. The number one question that the Coca Cola staff will ask you is, “What does Coca Cola make you feel like?”.  For most people, it’s a feeling of happiness! Watch this video and find out!

Now for the Mitzvah details! Syd’s Bar Mitzvah took place at The Goat Farm. If you haven’t heard of it, you may recognize it from some of your favorite tv shows and or movies. For instance, “The Walking Dead” and “The Hunger Games“. Did you now the entire city of Atlanta was shut down to film “Walking Dead”. Could you even imagine being in an entire city full of zombies? We cannot, not ever! Thank goodness it’s just a show.

When our AJH crew arrived to The Goat Farm, we were for sure in a bit of of culture shock. We were in fact on a farm, next to a railroad, surrounded by rustic barn-like buildings with shattered glass windows, and introduced to the largest pig we had ever seen named “Olivia”. The space for Syd’s celebration was unique in every way. The space was simply just a space for entertaining, therefore everything from food, heat, entertainment, and restrooms had to be provided. The atmosphere for Syd’s Bar Mitzvah was theatrical and artistic.

Syd’s cocktail hour consisted of canvas moral painting, leather bracelet making, and trivia about Syd. The cocktail reception consisted of barn-like table full of hor dourves, and candle lighting on every table to give the space that cozy yet dingy bar like feel. An Israeli band performed live, just before AJH Entertainment took the stage introducing family and friends to the Bar Mitzvah boy. AJH is so grateful for this amazing experience, and we are so happy to share it with you all!

 Syd’s Bar Mitzvah in Atlanta, Georgia

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Event Planning Timeline

One thing that The Mitzvah and Sweet 16 Events have in common is lighting candles, because it is in fact the most important part of the party. However, your venue depicts the way your event will flow, whereas some of your “usual” formalities may be limited or actually non-existant due to your preference. (For instance: Having your affair at a sports or game zone, like The Zone, or Encore Event Center at  Iplay America, will empower much of your guests’ time to that atmosphere). You must imagine what you as the Guest of Honor will want to spend the most time doing, whether it be dedicated to more dancing or games, all of which will be discussed with your Event Host. Below are some tips of importance that every Guest of Honor should keep in mind.

1. Dancing

Indicating which songs you would like to hear for the Host/Hostess Dance, Sweet 16 and Friend Dance (if appropriate), and Sweet 16 and Parent Dance. Your MC will be happy to give you suggestions for these dances. On the back of the Client Information Sheet, you may indicate your musical requests and exclusions.

2. Games

Your Emcee will discuss an assortment of different games, providing you with images and video footage/demonstrations on how the games work with you and your guests.

3. Food

The best part of the affair!

4. Speech/Toasts

If appropriate, indicate if there are any special announcements about any guests that youʼd like the MC to make: birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, marriages, etc.

5. Montage (Optional)

A slideshow of your images, can be mixed with MultiMedia “zapshots”, viewed during a sit down timeframe or throughout the evening. Includes choice of songs and digital copy of all your images.

6. Special Requests

Motzi, Toast, Kiddish: Please indicate which guests will be performing these honors. Please note that a Kiddish is sometimes not performed at the reception. Please ask your caterer.

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Candle Lighting Variations

A Candle Lighting Ceremony gives meaning to your affair, letting you give praise to your friends and family that attend. However, keeping up with the times is just as important and appreciative for your guests. As the Guest of Honor, you must decide what will best suit your affair, whereas you can keep the ceremony traditional, or do something short and sweet. Here are some variations on how candle ceremonies have changed over the years.

Traditional Bar/Bat Mitzvah– 13 candles plus one for YOU & Good Luck! A display of candles lit one by one, after the Guest of Honor reads a short sentence or poem about the person they are honoring. Pictures are to follow after each lighting.

Traditional Sweet 16–  16 candles plus one for YOU & Good Luck! (Same process as above)

Past, Present, & Future– 3 candles plus one for YOU & Good Luck! The Past is for family members who could not be with you on this special day due to a passing or unable to make it to your affair. The Present is for everyone who is at your affair including family and friends. The Future is a special wish to you and your guests for the Future and all to come. Lastly, a candle for the Guest of Honor.

Glow Candle Lighting– For those looking to eliminate the long walk up to the candle display, we have found that putting glow sticks on tables or under chairs is a great way for everyone as a group to make a light show, signifying one big praise together. Your Emcee would instruct your guests on how to complete the task together. This is ideal for Grandparents and those not able to walk far around your venue.

Puzzle Candle Lighting– A picture is blown up of the Guest of Honor, usually matching the theme of your event. The picture is made of a foam-core material, which your Event Planner would have cut into puzzle-like pieces. During the candle ceremony, your guests’ attach the pieces to the puzzle to create the image, which eliminates the use of candles and cake all together.

If you are trying to decipher what works best for your affair, be sure to gather different ideas from the parties of your friends, you will know what you do and do not like. Besides, what you do to make your party unlike any other’s is what makes any event type so special!


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AJH Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s at Encore Event Center, Freehold NJ

Located directly off Route 9 in Freehold, NJ Encore at Iplay America has become the the ultimate event center. The facility is essentially an indoor theme park on one side and an event center on the other. Ranging from trade shows, concerts, bar/bat mitzvahs, teen nights, weddings, and much much more, this space is still growing.

Revamping their event space, creating the party of your dreams is exactly what this venue has in store for you. Encore and Iplay America have brought you two great services in one location, for all ages, life events, and even the corporate world. Every event at this facility is unlike the rest, because the space gives you the ability to leave the imagination to the client, which makes our client’s at AJH very happy. The most common request of our client’s is the challenge in how we can make their event stand out from the rest, even if they are having it at the same venue. We love that challenge, and here at Mitch’s Bar Mitzvah, we feel we mastered just what they were searching for in Entertainment needs.

One of our biggest sellers right now is the LED Back Drop Curtain, which can be seen in the video below, where DJ Adam is prepping Mitch for his special evening. The LED curtain can vary in size, light color selection, design style, and adds high end detail to your event. If you are searching for that ultra club experience, this enhancement is for you. At Encore, AJH positioned the curtain on a stage, where the MC, and motivational dancers could stand out to direct and hype the crowd, giving you the complete concert experience. The curtain can also be positioned behind the DJ booth, providing additional lighting in just the entertainment area. Take a look at Mitch’s customized LED Back Drop Curtain below…

AJH Entertainment, MC Adam J at Encore Event Center/iPlay America, Freehold NJ: Mitchell’s Bar Mitzvah Teaser: from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

On another note, we must not forget about the ladies! Every Bat Mitzvah is just as amazing as any Bar Mitzvah, but of course there is such a difference between the male and female version of how to party these days. Check out Allysa’s Bat Mitzvah at Encore, where just a color can hold the theme of any party. Her green affair recap video is below for your enjoy! AJH is all about the color Green, just saying!

AJH Entertainment at Encore Event Center/iPlay America, Freehold NJ: Allysa’s Bat Mitzvah from AJH ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

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AJH Rocks Rutger’s Livingston Student Center, The Zone!

580567_10151180119835443_2030983511_nRutgers University has opened their banquets and event center, known as The Zone, at the Livingston Student Center. This has become a hot spot for the Bar & Bat Mitzvah clientele. The event center  has an arcade room which is known by many kids who have attended their friend’s bar/bat mitzvah, and is in fact that coolest room ever! For most events, the arcade room is also used for the “kids cocktail hour”. Our AJH motivators interact with the children. From playing games, to eating the best food at cocktail hours, The Zone gets you hyped for an amazing affair.

Back in January, AJH hosted Dylan’s D2k Event, where we relived 2012’s New Years Eve ball drop for the second time..


421596_10151417901005443_171502365_nThe Zone and banquet event center is not only for the boys, it’s great for the girls too. Here a look at Ilana’s Bat Mitzvah, which took place on a Sunday afternoon. As you can see, although this event took place during the day, the client still chose to go with a lighting package. This package gives you that evening and elegant feel, which allows AJH Enhancements and Multi-media to operate at their finest.


Why is Multi Media Important at The Zone?

The Zone provides video projection screens for your affair, in which AJH connects to creating the perfect Multi Media experience. Basically, you are receiving a half price deal with AJH when you reserve us at The Zone for media. It is important to make sure that all of your guest can see what is going on during the special moments such as Candle Lighting, Speeches, Special Dances, and of course the party.

A Multi media set-up would include our live simulcast camera. This camera gives your guests’ the capability of seeing the entire party on the projection screens, whether they are sitting in the front or back of the room, so no one will miss a beat at your event. Guests’ can also enjoy your party montage, zaps shots, and the skills of our professional technician whom coordinates the media experience.

8473_10151421554285443_1689687827_n  5913_10151421549650443_2084932761_n

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Happy Sweet 16 Caroline!!Thanks for everyone coming out and rocking with @ajhentertainment and raising money for a great cause! We will always power through this and find a cure! BEAT CANCER!!Killed this setup and party today. Another party AJH crushhhhed!! Mitzvah Weekend doesnt stop. #ajhentertainment #ajhent #dontmissabeat #mitzvshLighting it up PINK to raise awareness of Cancer! One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Also many men may have breast cancer too... come support Sunday for the Strides event! Cant wait to rock! @msabc_pointpleasantbeach #cancersucks #beatcancer #ajhent #ajhentertainmentCome join us this Sunday at the Making Strides walk in Point Pleasant NJ. We start rocking at 9am and party after the walk. This is one of the best events all year.. dont Miss a beat! Beat Cancer!! @msabc_pointpleasantbeach

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