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Bride bagHappy New Year to our Brides & Grooms recently engaged! What a way to start off 2016! Whether you are totally prepared to start wedding planning, or totally clueless on where to begin, we have just the right planning tools to help you start, and keep you on track.

Bride in Charge is an event planning service that helps you understand what vendors you need to reserve, in what order, at what time frames, and according to your budget. If you are a busy Bride, trying to plan everything while working a full time job is not easy. Many vendors can only meet with you during the weekdays (after work hours), because they host events on the weekends, AND your weekends are also cherish-able, because you need to relax after that 40 hour work week.

It’s time to learn how to be a BIC, “Bride in Charge, that is!  “B” is never for Bridezilla, we are all beautiful brides! 

Planning your wedding is the most exciting and overwhelming time of your life. You as the Bride want to feel as if you are in charge of it all, and you can in fact do so, when YOU do your research. If the hubs to be is the type who enjoys this kind of stuff, bring him along, because it’s about the BOTH of you. If he wants to watch Football, let him, we got this, he will love it!

So, how do you as the Bride start researching?

Most commonly, the Bride would visit Bridal Showcases. As these are the perfect weeknight or Sunday afternoon event, it becomes difficult to focus on what you are looking for. So many vendors, and so much information, you do not know what to review first. That bag they give you when you check in, what do you even do with it? Seriously…do you have the time to cycle through it all? No!

Putting information in a bag is like cleaning out your refrigerator, throwing away all those veggies you wanted to cook, but don’t have time to, and now their spoiled. In the garbage bag they go! There is nothing about a bag that is enticing to a Bride, we just collect more and more information and throw it in there and it becomes dead to us. One hand has our bag and the other has our wine, we are here at the showcase for the wine! Right? Right! (Don’t forget about the Door Prizes!!!)

We have no idea what the heck we are looking at or listening to all of these people tell us! We are possibly drunk, or maybe just buzzed. Then we go home with our “baaaaggg” and we throw it on the floor. This is not how a Bride finds her confidence in feeling in charge, but the wine helps us sleep well! Back to work we go, head spinning, looking at Pinterest bugging out all day.

The truth is, a working Bride has no time to waste, and if these showcase events are not sparking any ideas, you are becoming stressed. Do you know that “Desserts” spelt backwards actually spells “stressed”? You are at these showcases surrounded by chocolate fountains and you wonder why you are stressed?! Now you know. Don’t let your precious weekends feel unfulfilling, instead it’s time to take charge! It’s time to do so now, okay?

What should the Bride get from a showcase?

The only FREE opportunity you should indulge in at any point of your wedding planning is the free honeymoon giveaway. Vacationing is never cheap and it’s good for the soul! We just think “I want to be tan now!”. A showcase is also a great opportunity to find your venue, because a venue that showcases goes over and beyond to satisfy their future brides and grooms. With that being said, you as the Bride MUST try the food at EVERY single bridal show you attend, all of it…so wear leggings.

How do you as the Bride take charge?

Organize your life now, okay? Make a list of what you do and don’t like and bring it with you every time you are trying to make a decision. Keep it in your purse at every friends wedding you attend and update it often. You will find ideas at other people’s events, and it will get your mind thinking. It is easier to realize what you do not like, then think of what you do like. Organize your mind.

Being a BIC is having control of your vendor sequence. For instance, you cannot select DJ services before selecting a venue and wedding date. How do you know if the DJ is available? Moreover, attending bridal showcases without a venue and date will make your head spin! You definitely don’t feel in charge during these moments, and that results in more wine and you only have two hands, but you can’t have two glasses of wine at one time while at these shows, because your one hand is still holding that bag of information, remember?  That is not control, that is just chaos!

What is Bride in Charge?

  • Consultations with you via phone/email.
  • Assistance in budget determination and breakdown as needed
  • Discussion of theme/color, style, and complete event design
  • Research of event professionals in each category that fit your event style and budget and to provide you with suggestions and guidance in making final decisions.
  • Attendance at 5-8 vendor appointments of your choice
  • Up to 10 hours of professional in-person consultation time throughout planning.

Reserve BIC within the months of January-March 20th, to receive Winter pricing. (Valid on Weddings for 2016 and on).

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