Your Prom, One DJ, it’s a Date!

From NJ to Philadelphia, we love revisiting the Schools that bring us back each year for Prom.

 Upper Merion Area High School District


Methacton High School Prom used our Intelligent Lighting, Large Sound System, and Emcee/DJ team.


Colts Neck Jr Prom at Forsgate Country Club included LIVE Instagram feed where the students were able to upload their images to our HD screens, and instantly capture their Prom memories through social media.

Colts Neck Jr Prom

Will AJH Entertainment be your Prom date!


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AJH & Holy Communion Events

Have you ever had this much fun with family and friends? IMG_0401

May is the month of Holy Communions, and AJH Entertainment has spent many Sundays with families who are ready to party! Like…we mean REALLY party! These afternoon events have evolved over the years, now consisting of more than just a family dinner. The DJ is not at your communion to simply play background music, he is there to interact with your kids, friends, AND even the adults. From dancing to interactive games, these 3-4 hours celebrations put a smile on everyone’s face.

We told you…parents join in on the fun too!


Take a look at all the smiling faces with Neverland Balloons!


 Emcee Alex rocked Samantha’s Communion at Courtyard on Main in Freehold


From follow along dance sets, to prizes and giveaways, to magicians, and balloon artists, you can combine extra entertainment with your DJ, to ensure that the guests of honor has the Communion he or she deserves. AJH doesn’t miss a beat!

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RSVP Bridal Seminar

13076814_624736297695467_441962389605186548_nThe Bride to be can be a woman of any age. She can be a mom. She can be planning a same-sex wedding. She can be expecting. She can be very practical. She can be very over the top. The one thing all of these Brides to be have in common is that they are planning a wedding. With that being said, no wedding is ever the same, and it’s up to the Bride to find vendors who meet their requests that fit their lifestyle and budget.

Bride in Charge event planning specializes in stress-free wedding planning, where we organize pop-up Bridal Seminars & Showcases for the Bride to experience a unique way of wedding planning. Our preferred vendors vary in Entertainment, Floral, Personalization, and Health & Wellness.

Our first Seminar & Showcase will be held at Maggiano’s of Bridgwater, NJ on Tuesday, July 12th from 6-9pm. This is an RSVP, where everyone will be planning a Wedding.

Upon arrival, Brides will be greeted with their Bride in Charge information packet and itinerary for the evening. Within the 3 hours, the Bride will have the opportunity to hear from the vendors themselves, taste a light family style Italian cuisine of Maggiano’s, and enjoy a DJ and live musicians performance with AJH Entertainment.

If you are wondering how to begin your planning, trying to understand the sequence in when to reserve each vendor, or in search of one-stop shopping, our Seminar & Showcase is just what you need to get started. Be sure to register, and bring the hubs, because even if he’s not a planner, he doesn’t want to miss out on the food!

RSVP using the link which directs you to our Showcase details:!showcases/rwhr6

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AJH & Emcee Alex Z.

ZySa_0137Emcee Alex (with the hat), has been with AJH Entertainment since our small business days, and has grown with the company learning all aspects of Entertainment. While in college, and experiencing living in Europe, Alex has seen the world, but always came home and called us asking, “When can I work again?”.  He began his journey with AJH as a high energy motivational dancer, and has developed his interests and skills of DJing, to now having a career as an Emcee.
In addition, Alex is also an inventor of our newest Programs, Camper Glow & Camper Quest, which will be starting  its second Summer in business, and has derived into more than just camp related entertainment services. That’s not all! Alex also works here in the AJH office part- time as our Marketing Coordinator.
Check out these links to see Alex’s diverse style of Entertaining, along with the growth he took to make Entertaining his passion.

 Emcee Alex Rocks AJH Mitzvahs!

Alex hosts Camper Glow at Meadowbrook Day Camp

Camper Quest with your Host Emcee Alex!

Mitzvah Quest with Emcee Alex

 Coming this Summer 2016, Whacky Quacky Duck Derby! Stay tuned for more game changing services from  our AJH Entertainment crew, we Don’t Miss a Beat!


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AJH & Hometown Heroes

Hometown HeroesMany people ask the DJ, “What do you do during the week?” Our answer is always the same: “Along with private event preparation, we strive in building relationships with Corporate companies, Schools, and Camps/Campuses which keep our team working through every season, and multi-versed in all event types“. AJH Entertainment has raised the bar in the DJ industry, by providing more than just Emcee & DJ Services.

photo 3 (1)On May 5th, the celebration day of Cinco de Mayo, AJH Entertainment and A&S Sound LLC, provided audio visual production and sound entertainment for Hometown Heroes 2016 Gala and Awards Dinner. The theme for the Gala was “The Tonight Show”.

Hometown Heroes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to foster an environment of goodwill, generosity, and encouragement by supporting local communities in times of crisis“. The Gala was held at Crystal Point Yacht Club, located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

The Tonight Show stage included influential and heroic speakers who intrigued the audience with their work ethics and experience.

Former NFL star, Darrell Reid

photo 1 (1)

Former NY Police Chief Commissioner, Bernie Kerrick

photo 2 (1)

First Energy Area Manager, Maria Sessa…and some pictures with our crew!

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

We are looking forward to more events with Hometown Heroes this Summer!

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Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

sbWhile searching for your wedding venue, it may be beneficial to know how venues are related, as far as ownership and or partnerships. It’s exciting for us as AJH Entertainment to see the changes that venues go through to keep the wedding industry fresh, and continue to deliver exquisite service to your guests. In the Hospitality industry, no event is ever the same, so it is so essential for your event host to be aware of the changes a venue may have foreseen, when entering their doors. This is what makes your clients comfortable in knowing you keep venue relationships wherever you host an event.

Today, we are filling you in on The Shadowbrook, located in Shrewsbury, NJ which has undergone some amazing renovations which give this Georgian Mansion even more charm!  The Estate is now owned by the same owners of The Venetian, located in Garfield, NJ and Seasons, located in Washington Township. Owners, Jim Kourgelis, Mark Spinelli, Geroge Kourgelis, Mike Kourgelis, Carl Carfello and Chris Gourmos. Two amazing venues, operated by true professionals. Now they are operating three prestige venues! Their general manager at Shadowbrook, Dan Gasalberti provides the Bride and Groom with top notch service. His relationship with vendors is very personable, where he goes over and beyond to ensure that our services mesh with his staff and style of entertaining.

The upstairs ballroom, “The Oak Room”, has upgrades included marble floors, chivari chairs, installed room uplighting, and crystal chandeliers. Take a look at this room before renovations took place.

Old Oak Room _Shadowbrook

…and check out the transformations.

New Oak Room Shadow

NEW “Floating Stairs” located in the main lobby, leading to the Bridal Suite

Floating Stairs

A Ceremony held in “The North Garden“, one of many gardens to admire!


Coordinate the DJ setup with your centerpieces


Here are some samples of AJH Entertainment at the beautiful Shadowbrook. This is one of our #1 recommendations for bride and grooms to explore when choosing a venue!

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Light Up Your Event!

We commonly are asked by our client “How can we transform our banquet room into something different?”

Here are some ways to make the room POP! Take lighting to another level with our lighting options and designs.


What is Intelligent Lighting?

Intelligent lighting is a term used for an innovative type of party or stage light. Their automated mechanism allows the lights to move and create complicated and colorful effects. For celebrations, intelligent lighting can create lighting arrangements of your desired color to match your theme. This lighting is put on something called trussing. These typically go next or beside our DJ setup or can be placed remotely  on the other side of the dance floor. We will transform your room with these lighting fixtures and create an amazing atmosphere.

How many lights are used?

When we create an event design with intelligent lighting we start with 2 lights. You can add as many fixtures based on your vision. You have the vision, we will make it a reality.

Some of Our Intelligent Lighting Designs



What is UpLighting?

Uplighting is the hottest trend for Weddings, Mitzvahs and  special events to set the mood or transform a venue. “Uplights” are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. We can program the lights to your specific color theme. Our lights are wireless and battery operated making it easy to set up and also blend in with your venue.


UpLighting Transforming a Room



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Thats A Wrap! Custom Decals! Dance Floor Decals!

AJH offers a hot new product that brands and ties together a theme for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Custom dance floor decals make excellent Bar/Bat Mitzvah decorations. Our decals are often used not only to decorate venue floors, but also as signing boards in lieu of a guestbook, photo booth backdrops, and even as a centerpiece to the DJ Facade/Booth!


We offer custom  decals ranging from 12 to 72 inches wide or tall. Each of the sizes can either be ordered cropped (we remove the background, giving you a contour cutout of just the subject), or uncropped (the image is left as is, and printed poster-style).

The dance floor decals start at $500.00 and go up depending on size. We can also create smaller decal stickers for furniture or favors.  

Requires at least 2 hours of installation time.




Why settle for a plain looking dance floor or DJ Booth when we can help tie it into your party theme?  Whether you are looking for a logo or want to create a custom floor to look like a basketball court, ice hockey rink, baseball diamond, or game board, we can help!  We can even wrap the venues dance floor to an all white dance floor without bringing an entire dance floor in.  Our dance floor vinyl decals are slip-resistent for the safety of your guests, and scuff-resistent to last throughout your party.  Includes custom cut vinyl, installation, and removal.

12615677_10153243848470443_5191011427191752013_o 12961303_10153387246150443_5090496232874576459_o

Furniture Decals for Personalized Customization


Do you not like the mirrors or artwork in your banquet room?

Take that mirror that you don’t like at your venue and slap a sticker on it to add to the customization!


Call To Add To Your Event!


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Wifey Wednesday- Bride in Charge Q&A

photo 1

Today’s Wifey Wednesday Spotlight goes to a local Jersey Shore Bride, who had her wedding at The “Sunset Ballroom“, of Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty, and purchased her flower arrangements at ShopRite. Yes, the food store. While you as the busy Bride are out getting groceries, you can meet with a ShopRite Floral Consultant and plan away! This is getting a lot done, even before you put dinner on the table. Check out this Q &A, it may save you BIG money!

photo 5

What made you choose ShopRite? My mom had worked with a woman who had her florals for her wedding done by ShopRite and when I saw pictures you could not tell the difference. Since flowers were not a big deal to me, I decided to get some quotes and then take that info to ShopRite and price out the exact same thing through them to see if it would be cost effective.

Did you get quotes anywhere else? Yes, I went to a florist in Point Pleasant and had a sit down consultation with the owner.

If yes, what were your savings by using ShopRite instead (estimated)? I saved about $700, which was more than 50% by using ShopRite.

Did you just use ShopRite for your bridal party flower arrangements, or also your centerpieces? Just bridal party, groomsmen, parents and grandparents flowers. Centerpieces were included at our venue.

What location ShopRite did you use? Brick, NJ.

Why pay less on floral? I am not a huge fan of flowers and when I received the first quote from the florist in Point Pleasant I figured I would rather cut corners here and have it go unnoticed than skimp elsewhere and have it look imperfect.

Did you get opinions from others because you chose ShopRite over a “fancy” vendor? I actually referred a few friends to ShopRite who were trying to save money in an efficient way.

photo 2They say floral can cost the most when planning your wedding, where did you spend your savings instead? We ended up changing our menu at our venue to the highest option available since we found extra ways to save money.

Did you have to pick your bouquets up at ShopRite, or did they deliver to you day of? They delivered the morning of the wedding.

How did you come up with your flower colors and flower style? I wanted my bouquet to “pop” against my white dress. So I chose a bouquet that was pink and yellow with a little bit of white thrown in. The bridesmaid bouquets were basically the same, just more white and less color so they contrasted with their fuchsia dresses. The florist at ShopRite was actually able to spray paint some of the flowers in my bouquet to match the girls dresses perfectly.

photo 4

If you have a Wedding planning experience you would like to share, email, and we will feature you on our  “WIFEY” Wednesday Spotlight. It does not matter if your planning has just begun, or is in the past. Let’s face it, we all love to talk about our wedding regardless of when it was, or will be. Just a reminder, our  BIC consultant will be at The Sunset Ballroom at Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty on March 8th!


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Bride in Charge, an AJH Brand

12108165_542428309259600_2918741209824396064_nBride in Charge is a Brand of AJH Entertainment Weddings, which offers an event planning service for more than just your DJ.

Our Bride in Charge service guarantees that all of our vendors eat, sleep, and dream about events. After all of the time and cost it takes to have the dream wedding you deserve, you want to know your in good hands. The Bride in Charge event planning service is a vendor relationship program, which provides you with your own vendor appointment setter whom will structure, and organize a stress-free wedding planning process.

Our Mission: Vendor relationship & appointment setting for the Bride to have a structured and stress-free wedding planning process from start to finish.

Our Objective: To ensure that the Bride is surrounded by talented vendor professionals, whom work together, and share the same passion in doing awesome events.

Our Motto: “She stands tall, for she is in charge of it all. She confidently sits, she never loses her wits!”.

Be sure to visit us at the following showcases, and learn how to become a BIC!

  • Buona Sera Palazzo 2/6
  • Monmouth University 2/21
  • PineBelt Arena, Toms River 2/28
  • Sunset Ballroom, Pt. Pleasant 3/8

We understand you may not need us for everything, because it is YOUR day! First consultation is FREE. Depending on where you are in your planning, we customize a timeline to keep you on track. No Venue? No Date? No stress! We are here to get you started.

Call today 732.908.0936 OR

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