AJH Scavenger Hunt

A party is not a party unless everyone at your event is involved in the Entertainment. Besides the usual “Coke & Pepsi“, which is just for kids, AJH has had much success playing the game “Scavenger Hunt”. This game incorporates both kids and adults, team building, fast paced thinking, and of course challenge!


So how does it work? We have all of your guests grab a chair and bring them  onto the center of the dance floor, placing every other chair the opposite way of one other. Everyone takes a seat (boys and girls), and your Emcee will briefly explain the way the game works, while firing off the questions! Here you can see a group of boy and girls seated holding different items. You and your friends will be asked to find different things throughout your venue, and depending on the type of venue you select, this game can get VERY interesting!

Here we are hosting Eli’s Bar Mitzvah at the beautiful Dolce of Basking Ridge , NJ.

Eli's shoe

For instance, your Emcee may ask all of your guests to find him a “men’s size 10 shoe”. The adults at your event often enjoy providing the kids with these random props, because it makes for a good laugh and helps break the ice.

Eli party

As the Emcee continues to challenge your guests’, whoever doesn’t make it back to their seat in time, loses their seat, and the guest count on the game begins to decrease. As the chairs begin to vanish, the things you need to find become more difficult! When it gets down to the wire, all of your guests’ will be on their feet cheering for the final two! Whether you prefer dancing or playing games, AJH Entertainment will keep all of your guests on their toes!

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